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Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through  the Ways of Animals is the original animal divination card  deck and book. Medicine Cards come as a boxed set including an informative book with instructions for using the 52 beautifully-rendered animal cards. The information and divination system used in the book is based on ancient animal wisdom as told by Elders in the oral tradition of Native America. The text explains how the cards can be used to receive guidance and healing messages from  animals. Medicine Cards is a powerful tool to use for personal growth, balanced living and interpreting signs from nature. Over one million copies of Medicine Cards have been sold worldwide. Medicine Cards has been translated and published in many languages including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and others.

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2013 Oracle, Ancient Keys to the 2012 Awakening looks beyond 2012 to explain and interpret the guidance of the ancients and how that knowledge can help us in modern times. The book and card deck include divining instructions for help in navigating the new earth knowledge in changing times. The 34 Oracle cards are beautifully illustrated with mystical symbols and animals designed to lead us to new realizations.

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Crossing Into Medicine Country, A Journey in Native American Healing is the story of David Carson’s initiation as a conjure man—a ceremonial healer—with the Choctaw medicine woman Mary Gardener. For three years, he studied power plants and medicine animals, how to read the layers of energy surrounding human beings, and how to use sacred tobacco in ritual, curing, and divination. Through Mary’s teachings, often conveyed by the folk tales of the healer, Yellow Tobacco Boy, and through his own, often alternative experiences, Carson gives us a glimpse into a different reality, one in which health and illness express the balance between man and nature, and Western notions of physics do not always apply. A fascinating personal narrative, Crossing is a work rich in spirit and Native American folklore.

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Find Your Spirit Animal; Nurture, Guidance, Strength, and Healing From Your Inner Self – Practical meditation, ceremony and visionary exercises to show us the way to find and relate to the healing and guiding powers of animals. Illustrated with stunning original drawings by Anna and Elena Balbusso. (Watkins Publishing, London) Signed copies available for $16.95 plus S&H each. For more information please email

Spirit Clans, Native Wisdom for Personal Power and Guidance by David Carson. Native American traditions have taught that we all carry within us an ancient blessing, a spiritual clan that connects us to the earth in a profound way  In this book we learn how to discover our own spirit clan by interpreting the signs from our unconscious to find our Spirit Clan, a reservoir of powerful energy.

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