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Medicine Cards Reading for February 2023.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center. The random card selections were Bat, Horse, Dog, Snake and a centering card Lizard in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of February 2023?

EAST.  Card Number 42, Bat–Rebirth.  Bats are flying mammals and the only mammals capable of flight. They know how and when to hibernate and Bat is adaptable to most situations. Bat has always been associated with reincarnation by various differing cultures.  Bat is an appropriate animal to be showing up in the East.  You may have a sudden life-changing understanding that brings you close to who you are—you may see yourself in a startling new light—a sudden passage from the mundane to the cosmic.  At least open yourself to that possibility. Let yourself go in that direction. Bats symbolize connections between life and death, an understanding one must master in order to obtain shamanic powers—so it is told.

Bat medicine brings the certainty of new opportunities. Bat can launch you into the fantastical and the magical. Bat may bring you a glaring huge gift. They can shake up your mindset and reshuffle the cards you are given to play. Bat can give you a better hand. Bat may harken an initiation into a new consciousness—a jarring of identity and the assumption of new personal powers. You have no doubt heard of an atom smasher. Well, Bat can be an ego smasher. You may have an unexpected visionary experience that gives you power and purpose. To achieve this realization, you may have to die a little to your old self. One thing is sure. You will be shaking hands with a new person— and that person is you!

SOUTH. Card number 35, Horse—Power. Keep on good terms with Horse medicine, with Power. Have a good balance with Horse but watch it–don’t let yourself get Horsed around by anyone. Horse was once a migratory herd animal. With strong Horse medicine, you may want the freedom to go places and do things. Horse may increase your confidence to take on important work. The gifts and medicines of the Horse are enormous. Horses transformed our world. They made goods easier to move. They sped up progress. They reduced distances. They allowed people to travel far and wide and interact and trade with each other—to exchange ideas and share knowledge—“cultural expansion” is another way of putting it.

Certain shamans and medicine people often called their drum a Horse. And like the Horse, the drum has many beneficial attributes. The drum was the Horse of compassion. It was used in many native rituals, sings, and healing ceremonies and knitted the people together in harmony and intent. Both Horses and drums are related to mother earth’s energy and the drum makes one aware of the heartbeat of the world. By using the Horse, and the drum, a medicine person could facilitate altered states and movement through non-ordinary reality.  One can ride the spirit Horse, the drum, into many beneficial realms and experiences. Let Horse send you galloping to great success this month and consider adding the drum to your spiritual practice—harnessing the powers of the magic Horse.

WEST. Card Number 14—Dog—Loyalty. Dogs are just about everywhere there are people. Dogs are the oldest domesticated animal, most often tamed and trained by women. Dogs have had close interactions with humans for eons. The Dog nation is vast but they all have one trait in common—Loyalty.  It may be that your Loyalties get tested during the month of February. With strong Dog medicine, you may need to sniff things out. Loyalty exists at the bedrock of culture—it is a given. Loyalty is what binds us together. If you are tempted to be disloyal to a certain individual or group, don’t. That is not the best way to go. The Dog nations teach us to honor our commitments to one another and to be Loyal. Loyalty is active, a verb–it’s what we actually do. Loyalty fosters an unbreakable trust.

It’s nice to know that you have a Loyal friend by your side who is always there for you. Dogs are faithful. Dogs are vigilant and devoted. Dogs instantly pick up on one’s emotional state. You can’t fool a Dog—the tail tells it. Dogs can even sense something coming toward you from miles away. They have a certain kind of hyper-awareness. Dogs give and expect Loyalty. Don’t be wishy-washy about it. Loyalty is a decision you make and it may at first be a difficult one. When Dog appears it is a good idea to get your loyalties straight. True Loyalty never wavers. It is steadfast. It goes the distance. We all know on some level that we must be Loyal to friends, family, clan, and country or culture. Not having this internal compass is risky. Be Loyal.

NORTH. Card Number 6—Snake—Transmutation. North is the place of wisdom and the direction can symbolize the mind so you may need to wisely change your mind about something. Snake is a trickster and facilitates enormous progress in metaphysical endeavors.  Snake may also be offering you transcendent power, a loss of your old tired self, shedding as it were, and the gain of new and vibrant energy. Snake symbolizes renewal. Snake may be telling you how to profitably bend in unusual ways according to your needs and circumstances in order to overcome what seem to be impossible obstacles. Snake could also be showing you how to strike with blinding accuracy and force and put a quick end to your lack of progress—Snake energy always gives balance and good health and is basically a very good omen.

Life is but a dream as is told in old stories and songs. Don’t just seek visions. It’s important to explore your dreams. Snakes and other hibernators such as bears are big dreamers. Dreams put you in touch with supernatural worlds. Know that these worlds are real. Snake may be protecting you in some way. Old Shaking Tail may be trying to warn you about the need to take care of some pressing matter you have overlooked and that is staring at you unblinkingly right in the face. Seeing a Snake may mean that change has come suddenly upon you. Be ready for it. Snake can ease your transition. Snake is an earthy animal and brings in a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy.

CENTER. Card Number 36, Lizard—Dreaming. Dreams and visions are sacred and figure prominently in the old ways of life and Lizard can portend both. Similar to visions, Dreams can be instructors and teachers on your pathway. You can meet with your ancestors and find many a hidden truth in your Dreams. Lizard is telling you to remember them and to remember Dreams are sacred and especially so when Lizard is in the Center position. Let your Dreams nourish you as water nourishes a plant. Be with the now of the now of your Dreams. There may be something important you are missing. Be sure to have a dream journal or other writing material near you when you sleep so you can awaken and write your Dream experiences down. Later, when you are wide awake you can more fully analyze the Dream message or messages you have received.

Dream on. You may want to acquire a Dream catcher to hang over your bed to catch new and varied Dreams. Dreams often point the way to certain areas of your life that need your attention. Lizard is telling you to make Dreaming your ally. There are many kinds of dreams. They all have an impact on consciousness in one way or another–good and bad, remembered or forgotten. You may relive a former incarnation in a Dream. You may be able to solve a pressing riddle or problem that goes beyond logic in Dreamtime and manifest the exact answer you need. A power animal often comes in Dreams and could be trying to give you some much-needed medicine or power. An ancestor spirit may appear in the Dream dimensions and you can have direct contact with them—it is said that these Dreams are especially important and holy. Dreams are a gift. With Lizard medicine and Dream power alone you have the ability to shift and change most situations and greatly improve them.

Medicine Cards Reading for January 2023.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center. The random card selections were Butterfly, Owl, Beaver, Wolf and a centering card Hummingbird in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of January 2023?

EAST.  Card Number 9, Butterfly—Transformation.  East direction symbolizes a new sunrise—a new beginning and so it is now a new year–a year with new possibilities and new spiritual potentials. Beautiful Butterfly, a Transformer medicine is dancing on the winds of change. Elders have said that some people can get stuck. Maybe Butterfly has flickered into your January reading to encourage you to dance your own dance and to let yourself go so that the next stage of your Transformation can emerge. Now, with Butterfly, there are openings to realization. Best you go for it.

You don’t really have to go anywhere to go somewhere. Go up is often a good option. Butterfly opens many opportunities to experience the mystical process of change—finding sweetness and beauty. You may want to wander near or far—rejuvenate and replenish your energy. You may even be moved to go on a journey to a power spot that will lift your spirit immensely. Butterfly may be giving you the lightness of spirit that can find a powerful place of expansive connection with the earth.

SOUTH. Card number 21, Owl—Deception.  Metaphysically South is related to the summertime, the fullness of the heart, the joys of discovery, and a time of blossoming. Owl is often telling one to develop their personal radar, their sixth sense.  Let Owl help you to see in the dark. Elders have said that Mother Earth was once in complete darkness and that Owl has done its level best, without success, to keep it that way. Owl has now come along in the South to help you open your eyes wide in order to see and track down Deception coming at you in your everyday world. In other words, to know what is going on. You may have various “ah ha” moments when your senses detect Deception giving you the medicine to be able to take the necessary steps to protect yourself from being hoodwinked or swindled.

Does Owl appear in your dreams or perhaps call to you in the dead of night? In some Native American Cultures Owls are associated with magic and powers to move through the great silence, to teleport as it were—to work wonders in far-off locations.  In western popular culture, Owls are often linked with death or approaching death. The creature is taken to be an extremely bad omen. Not necessarily so–Owl allows one to see through illusion and gives one certainty concerning their own wisdom and inner knowing. Owl teaches one to honor wisdom whenever and wherever it occurs. January may be a month of overcoming ignorance and a month of great insights and vast new awakenings. If you have lost something physical or even nonphysical, ask Owl to help you recover it. As often happens, unexpectedly, they will.

WEST. Card Number 22 Beaver—Builder. West is the self-examination place, the place of introspection. West is the place of the inner understanding of self.  Beaver is known as Grandfather Two-teeth and Spanky-tail and by many other names and carries the medicine of Builder. Beaver in the West is telling you to pay attention to the architecture of your life. Determine your goals and ambitions—your master plan. Beaver is showing up to help you in this and to boost your understanding of your latent Building skills so that you may construct, reshape, Build and/or create anything you may want or need. Beaver is a strong medicine for bringing your desires into concrete form. Of course, as the saying goes, you will have to be busy as a Beaver. Ask the Beaver power to be with you. Stay focused and do the work necessary to achieve your material objectives.

Beavers don’t say much but they have the ability to touch people at deep levels. They are always doing—being busy. Beaver is an exemplary medicine teacher so follow Beaver’s lead. Shake off apathy. You can accomplish great feats now. Beaver urges you to get going while success can flow your way. Beaver is saying not to muddle around—but be decisive and creative. Then take the proper steps to engage and complete your construction. Beaver works hard but never regrets the hectic pace of their life—up and doing is a part of their medicine, their motto, and they plunge into work having a great deal of fun along the way. Beaver may also be telling you to drink lots of pure water and to stay hydrated. After all, Beaver mostly lives in water so quench your thirst and keep your emotions flowing by having a positive attitude all the while pursuing new and innovative experiences. Beaver medicine helps you transmute negative emotions into optimism.

NORTH. Card Number 15 Wolf—Teacher. North is indeed the top of the world. It is the place of culmination and maturity—the place where stands the wise elder, the place of courage and strength, deep spiritual knowledge and understanding—not from a textbook but experiential knowledge. According to oral history, it was at the beginning of the world when Great Spirit told Wolf to go and explore the world, each trail, and every terrain. Since that time a long time ago Wolf has been understood to be a Teacher of measure and order. If you have fallen from your path, there is no better medicine than Wolf to set you right back on track because Wolf has been down every trail of earth and always knows the way. Wolf can never be fooled because they have been there. Wolf is willing to share their knowledge.

Wolf, the great Teacher, has a mystic understanding of all environments. Ask Wolf to be your guide on the learning road and cut the trail that leads to your destiny. Make plans to get educated, not necessarily in a formal setting. Remember that a Teacher is a transformer. If not, you may be wasting your time. Remember that real learning can be painful and push you light years from your comfort zone. Learning can be the passing of a torch that can light the world. Some knowledge is forbidden and must be stalked and captured. Questions and answers often coexist in the most unlikely places and a guiding Wolf can take you there where you can learn the true secrets of creation and be worthy of wearing the mantle of Teacher.

CENTER. Card Number 44—Hummingbird—Joy. Center. The Center of the medicine wheel is a spiritual and ceremonial place of balanced personal power—the intersection of all the directions and a spirit portal. Moving always from your center is an ancient concept to continually be in your highest self—alert and aware. Hummingbird in the Center augurs well for the month of January.  Hummingbird has an expansive spirit embodying endless rainbows of Joy and light. Hummingbirds love medicine and is often called upon to lift spirits and increase enjoyment of life. Hummingbirds’ beauty puts one in touch with the magnificence of all creation.

Center yourself in pure light. Practice this and you will light up a room. Seek beauty. Sacred Hummingbird’s energy this month brings in an abundance of Joy, the resilience of spirit. Hummingbird can hover and move in any direction. Let Hummingbird show you versatility—new and similar ways to move. Open your heart to the beauty of little things in your everyday world. Call on Hummingbird to help jump your vibration to a higher level. Hummingbird in the Center brings Joy in the immediate. So enjoy. Do what you need to do to make yourself happy and you will automatically make other people around you happy—a good way to begin a new year.