Monthly Animalscopes

Medicine Card reading for June 2021, by David Carson.

The random card selections were Dragonfly, Jaguar, Alligator, Lynx and a centering card, Elk, in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of June 2021.

EAST. Card number 27, Dragonfly. Dragonfly asks us to consider maya—illusion, what appears to be but may not be the case in the manifestations of our impermanent world. The appearance of Dragonfly may well mean you have the power to manage perceptions, that is to say, you may be able to project an illusion, to bring enchantment into a drab or mundane state of affairs. You may now be able to radiate good cheer to those around you and make it stick for a long time.

SOUTH. Card number 51, Jaguar. Jaguar’s spots are related to the sun. You might want to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Jaguar’s medicine is impeccability. If you find yourself slipping or backsliding from your ideal self while going about in your day-to-day world, call on Jaguar medicine to bring you back into sync. Jaguar is always impeccable and integrity is Jaguar’s exact essence. In fact, it may be time for you to be impeccable in word, thought, and deed.

WEST. Card number 50, Alligator. Alligator is the watcher, the old one, the pure one, the ancient one who keeps forgotten memories as well as the knowledge of many other universes and realities. She lives in the changing waters of the mysterious swamps and bayous. You might want to submerge into your own deep self to take a look around. Bathe in the waters of change. You may come back to your everyday world refreshed, a new person—a person ready to face all the challenges of existence and prevail.

NORTH. Card number 18, Lynx. The way they tell it is this way. Lynx climbed the stars to the tipi of Great Spirit at the end of the universe. Once there, Lynx tore open the door flap and went inside unannounced. The blinding light of the Great Spirit hit him full force. That moment, it is said, the Lynx knew everything. With this medicine, you may suddenly know everything too. Secrets will be exposed. What is hidden or lost you can easily find. You may feel rather solitary and remote but you can resolve most any mystery this month.

CENTER. Card number 3, Elk. The centering card melds all the directional medicines indicating the needs of your True Self at this time. Elk is a perfect centering card because Elk teaches the wise use of energy. Elk as a centering card may be telling you to finish projects and tie up loose ends—to clear the decks, so to speak. Examine your diet. Perhaps now is the time to begin a program of diet and exercise but don’t overdo it. Pace yourself. Elk is a long-distance runner. Elk gives you the stamina to get through this month with flying colors.

Medicine Card reading for May 2021, by David Carson.

The random card selections were Snake, Deer, Hawk, Frog, and a centering card, Turkey in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of May 2021?

EAST. Card number 6, Snake speaks of balance of energy and focus of energy. When a snake strikes, it does so with great precision and amplified power. Keep this in mind as you meet your challenges at the beginning of the month. Snake may be telling you to use your creative energy to make a change in some situations or stalemates. Snake may be telling you to get some fresh air and sunshine. Perhaps do some easy qigong exercises or take a nice walk in an area you have never been before. Remember our nourishing earth.

SOUTH. Card number 4, Deer tells you to bring gentleness and peace–kindness, if you will, into your everyday encounters. Open your eyes of compassion. Be centered. Stay loving, which includes self-love. Certainly, you can reach out to the people who touch your heart and enliven your spirit. In fact, you can ask the deer to be your guardian spirit in the everyday world for the entire month.

WEST. Card number 2, Hawk. Hawk is the Western Union of the Medicine Cards– a messenger showing up at your door with an important telegram. Hawk always tells you to pay attention and listen to your intuition. So do pay attention. What is the messenger signaling to you? You can meditate about this, going deep inside yourself to make a visit with the hawk. Ask Hawk to tell you, show you, or somehow symbolize its message to you. If you get a clear answer, thank the hawk for sharing and act on the great bird’s advice. Take care of business.

NORTH. Card number 35, Frog, tells you to rub and scrub, clean up your body, mind, and spirit, not to mention pick up, tidy up any environment you are responsible for. Frog might be telling you to jump in and do some spring cleaning. Since Frog is in the north, in wisdom and intellect, you might want to rid yourself of objects or beliefs holding you down.

CENTER. Card number 31, Turkey. Turkey tells you to think about gifts and giving. Is there someone you need to remember with a gift–not necessarily a gift for an occasion but perhaps a simple gift from the heart such as a word of encouragement or a compliment you’ve been hesitant to make. Don’t be afraid. If you feel you must give something, give it. Remember firstly that life itself is a wondrous gift and one not to be taken for granted. Appreciate the gift of self and the gift of becoming. Turkey instructs that you have a unique gift and for you to give it. With Turkey, ask yourself what is your give-away? What is your service to others or your gift to the planet? Turkey is one of the most selfless of all animal medicines.