Monthly Animalscopes

Medicine Card reading for January 2022, by David Carson.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center.

The random card selections were Hawk, Butterfly, Rabbit, Deer, and a centering card, Snake in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of January 2022?

EAST. Card number 2, Hawk. There is hidden wisdom in the cry of a Hawk. Hawk is a guardian and protector of Mother Earth and of all of her children, that means you, me, and all her animal children. To all, she gives a special blessing. Hawks are sacred and their feathers have many powers such as projecting power or bringing you intellectual understanding. Hawk is a Messenger of the above world and often Hawk’s message is urging you to become your higher self, reminding you as it were of who you really are. Hawk is sending you signals in January. Keep yourself open and awake so you will be able to hear and act upon them.

Hawk soars into your consciousness to show you a new way, to let you lean forward. Hawk gives you a renewed voice. Hawk will guide you. You may be a visionary, a dreamer, a person not entirely of this world but of another, a knower, a clairvoyant, a prophetic voice perhaps. Following your dreams and visions can be a lonely road but do not despair or abandon them. Your dreams are meant to be pursued even in the face of uncertainty. Their mysterious power comes from your heart. They are meant to join with the beating heart of our world, the heart of all creation. That is Hawk’s Message to you to begin this month.

SOUTH. Card number 9, Butterfly. Put a little chip of wood in the palm of your hand. Hold it a moment. It connects you to the standing people—all the trees great and small and to all other plant life, the green and growing realm—no negative energies here. Butterfly knows the plant world well. And Butterfly comes along at this point in your physical and spiritual evolution to tell you to seek clarity, to be still, to be patient, enjoy the moment, and to listen for nudges. Then act. You know it—a change is surely coming for you. But don’t worry about it– Butterfly can and will assist you in finding the next step on your personal path of Transformation.

Fight any battles you may be having with the good medicines of Butterfly. What’s your story anyway? What story have you molded yourself into in order to fit in? Butterfly will help you break that mold. Break it like the butterfly coming out of its cocoon. It is time for you to tell yourself a brand new and different story about who you really are. During the coldest times of winter go and stand at the base of the Butterfly tree in your spirit, in your mind, in your imagination. Become a beautiful Butterfly Warrior climbing the wind, skipping, darting, and dancing over the flowers. Now is the time to become impulsive, free, lovely, and unpredictable like a Butterfly. Let your new story feed you with wonderful new powers. Know that spring is coming. Find beauty at every turn. Love your life and all the people in it—with a new creative story about you.

WEST. Card number 30, Rabbit. January reminds us to give-away to our friends and relatives if only a kind word and a remembrance of the bond you share. Rabbit in some indigenous cultures is associated with strong alcoholic drink. Before Columbus “discovered America.” Mexico and Central America had over forty different kinds of alcoholic drinks—oh yeah. “Drunken Rabbits’ referred to the God of Pulque, a drink rather like beer. There was Coyol wine, Balche for instance, and a drink made from morning glory called Xtabentun. There were many drinks made from fermented corn. It’s human nature to want to drink, get loose, and have fun. Okay, be jolly and all that but Rabbit may be a warning not to imbibe too much during the holiday season. If you go out to party have a sane and sober designated party to get you home safely.

Rabbit is a powerful trickster working overtime nowadays. Don’t let Rabbit trick your mind into being paranoid and fearful for any reason. Don’t hit the alarm button too fast. Rabbit is a good lesson. Rabbit tells you to stop feeding Fear with your energy. Stop stressing and don’t call your Fears into being. Don’t bolt at some imagined danger. Calm yourself. Don’t follow the Rabbit down the Rabbit hole. Don’t go there. Be strong, be brave, be a warrior and face your Fear when you have called it to you. We are responsible for what shows up in our life and we need to deal with it. There are actual Fears that need to be dealt with immediately to be sure. But Rabbit has come along to help you quit manifesting those self-created Fears you don’t need.

NORTH. Card number 4, Deer. Maybe you are being over-sensitive. You may even have deep depression and grudges against everyone–lots of issues. If so then take a timeout especially if you find yourself being gruff, impatient, and quick to anger. You need Deer big medicine in times like these. Gentle down easy. Deer teaches the good way—the path to peace, tranquility, and happiness, self-love and loving-kindness–love for others, love for yourself, and love for all of creation.

Deer is said to be the first healer, instructing the first medicine person. The Deer told him to take a part of her breath and to go and blow it on the sick. You will be able to heal sickness this way, Deer said. Deer are associated with the heart (love), earthy, and yet cosmic in nature—in touch with all the beauty and subtleties of life. Deer asks you to live on the bright side, find your own bright light within, and manifest it without through kindness, empathy, and compassion. In other words, play nice. Start being nice right now and never quit being thoughtful and nice. You won’t regret it.

CENTER. Card number 6, Snake. Snake brings in a profound creative life force in January. Take advantage of this at your center. Snake also brings balance. Be centered in Snake’s energy all month. The diamond-shaped triangle is a familiar motif in Native American decorative art and represents the diamondback rattlesnake with all its formidable powers. Rattle Doctor Snake could be telling you to face some anxiety you are having. You may need to revise your self-concepts. Stop clutching and see where the flow takes you. Let those constricting ideas go like a snake sheds its skin. Let your ego be gone. You are no doubt transmuting to a higher self. You are becoming hyper-aware of the changes occurring all around you in the new normal as well as in your inner world. Snake helps you to change your energy in positive ways.

January lands on us like a wake-up splash of clean winter air. Like the snake, you may have to hibernate for a time and let your dreams catch up with you. In Native America, there are dreaming societies, members who believe their dreams can help shape reality. I will dream for you. Maybe you will dream for me. Make the biggest change you can make this New Year. Change your mind. Change your attitude to one of positivity and optimism for the future. Know that the good medicine spirits are working with you at all times. January is the perfect month to mid-wife and bring forth the realization of some mission you hold sacred or essential to you but you have been repressing taking action on it because of doubt and timidity. Drop your reticence on the ground. Kick away your doubt. Go for it. Go for broke but don’t go broke. Keep your expenditures reasonable.