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Medicine Cards Reading for February 2024.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center. The random card selection was Frog, Deer, Rabbit, Turtle and Swan in that order. The question: What are the best medicines to consider for February 2024?

EAST. Card Number 38. Frog—Cleansing. The season of the EAST is spring, a time of growth. The element of the EAST is fire. The color is yellow. EAST represents the first light, the dawn, and positive solar energy, the day-break sun, and your first steps on a spiritual journey. Frog is noted for its’ serenade, songs sung on the riverbank or near the lake shore. These songs are sung by male Frogs and are said to bring the Cleansing rain. Frog medicine has close ties with water energy. Water is essential in our lives. Water Cleanses the body, mind, and spirit. Frog in the EAST is telling you to flow like water and release blockages to good health and well-being. Let water energy heal and Cleanse you. Make sure you are consuming a good amount of water each day and staying hydrated. You may want to do a thorough sage smudging of your residence. Open all the drawers and closets and smudge all the places you have neglected. Smudging is a Cleansing of the stagnant energies in the physical space you inhabit. Some while after this is done keep the energy moving. Do a traditional house cleaning and get your place shipshape and in good order.

Frog functions well on land and in water. Frog not only brings rain but so much more. Frog is the totem for various water clans. When Frog is in the equation you might find you have sudden and unexpected deep feelings about something or someone.  Frog is a healing medicine and can help you with any emotional problems you are facing. Follow Frog’s advice.  Ask Frog to help you Clean it up, whatever “it” is—whatever situation you are in or if you are trapped in a rut you can’t seem to get out of. Frog has the power to help. Frog is slippery and has many coping skills. With Frog’s help, you can leap in the right direction. If you have the chance to do a traditional sweat lodge, best do it. Frog is a good omen associated with fertility, optimism, and positive emotions. Frogs croak. So look to Frog for your special power song—sing out in the shower. If you have been dreaming of oceans, lakes, and streams go ahead and visit a body of water that may be calling out to you—perhaps a certain well, spring, waterfall, or even a stretch of sandy beach. Such a visit may improve your outlook and make you stronger. Kiss that Frog and see what happens. You never know and they will never talk about it.

SOUTH. Card Number 4. Deer—Gentleness.  Gentle down easy when Deer comes calling. Deer brings you the power to put away your anger and fears. Deer represents the path of the heart—the path of love, compassion, and empathy. Deer tells you to apply the same love you have for others to yourself. Deer in the SOUTH tells you to bring acts of kindness into your everyday activities and personal interactions—above all else be kind to every person you come in contact with. And remember meekness during these times is far better than bluster or blaming. SOUTH on the medicine wheel is said to be a place of substance. The season of the SOUTH is summer. The SOUTH element is water and the color that represents SOUTH is red. SOUTH symbolizes the teenage years, the years of adolescence, exploration, and getting your hands dirty.  Deer in the SOUTH may be asking you to get out of doors and into nature—to be close to the standing people, the trees, or the long ones, the streams and rivers. Let your heart fill with gratitude—loving kindness toward all sentient life.

Deer is a prey animal for many cultures across the globe. Because of this, Deer is nervous and sensitive and is quick to pick up on any danger lurking about. Deer can help us to be supersensitive as well so you can avoid conflict. Ask Deer for agility, balance, and swiftness—not to mention Gentleness which is the medicine most linked to Deer. Deer is often affiliated with Native American shamanistic healing. There is a story much told at one time in Native America concerning the first killing of the Deer and this Deer is said to have brought disease into our world because of being ‘killed unjustly.’ That first slain Deer has caused humans a lot of heartache and trouble from disease and sickness since that day and seemingly there is no end in sight.  On the bright side, Deer also provided the cure, the remedy, a part of which is becoming aware and listening to the voices of the animals within us, taking their advice to heart, and doing the work of healing ourselves. Deer has a lot of doctoring medicines for you when you need them.

WEST. Card Number 30. Rabbit—Fear.  Each one of us has our own set of Fears. Fear in the WEST may come calling in the form of nightmares or if not nightmares, a tight sensation in your stomach making you aware that you are Fearful. The WEST element is earth. The WEST color is black. The WEST season is autumn. It is a time of the stretching shadows of dusk and it is the time of the mature adult. Fear in the West speaks of Fears you may have repressed and hidden from your psyche, perhaps you have even hidden your Fear deep inside from the time of your early childhood. You may have forgotten about it but your body hasn’t. Face your Fear. Do not let Fear keep you from personal growth. Do not Fear Fear. Look right into Fear’s scary face. When Rabbit is in the WEST be aware. Don’t fall into destructive habit patterns. Try to understand Fear and not run away from it—see through it. Embrace your Fears and make each one your ally giving you the courage to go about your business and do what is right for you. Rabbit gives you bravery. Try to live in the moment walking past your Fear, putting it behind you.

Rabbit can be a lot of fun. Don’t be overconfident though when Rabbit is around. Rabbit can be a great trickster, a master manipulator. Rabbit often brings in a big bag of tricky tricks and surprises. Rabbit has hopped into this Medicine Card spread to teach about Fear, but also, Rabbit brings good luck and the power to jumpstart your life.  You may soon be rolling in clover. Rabbit can enhance your life and if you are stuck in a rut, Rabbit comes to your rescue. Rabbit may be telling you to hop along and remove yourself from some sticky or restrictive situation you may be caught up in. Rabbit can show you how to take off in a completely different direction. Most of the time Rabbit is in your path so you can overcome Fear. But Rabbit is fecund. The creature is a symbol of fertility and abundance. WEST is the ancestral direction. Rabbit in the WEST tells you to honor their memory. Burn copal incense, and remember your lineage in prayers toward the WEST.

NORTH. Card Number 10. Turtle—Mother Earth.  NORTH on the medicine wheel is where wise elders stand. The season of the NORTH is winter. The color representing NORTH is white. NORTH is mental. The brain is in the NORTH—the locus of our conscious thoughts. Turtle is the oldest known symbol for Mother Earth. Touch the Mother Earth because she is sacred—holy. Turtle has come to reacquaint one with Mother Earth. We who live on Turtle Island, the North American continent, walk on holy ground. Every part of Mother Earth is sacred. We belong to her. She does not belong to us. Many elders say Mother Earth is crying—we are not taking care of her and honoring her properly. Elders say she is being desecrated at every turn by ignorant greedy people. We should instead be devoted to Mother Earth—living in a peaceful, sustainable manner. Mother Earth merits your respect and reverence. For thousands of years, ancient peoples have reverenced Turtle and Turtle’s Mother Earth teachings.

Turtles are inspiring. Turtles are built to last and are noted for their longevity. Many have been documented living for over 150 years. Turtle medicine protects you from dangers. Turtle tells you to stick your neck out now and then and plunge into whatever you are doing. If things get out of hand and are too much for you, go inside your shell. Stay there for a while and be at ease. Be secure. Trust in Turtle’s medicine.  Be calm and collected until all is clear.  Ask Turtle to help you with any difficulties or challenges you may be having. Be slow and steady like Turtle and get your jobs done. Turtle medicine teaches harmony with the environment, patience, persistence, grounding, and being inseparable from Mother Earth. Since a home is carried on the creature’s back, Turtle is always home. Let Turtle be a pleasant reminder that you have what you need.

CENTER. Card number 39. Swan—Grace. The CENTER of the medicine wheel is a magical place where the four directional roads meet. It is a sacred space. Some elders say there is a spirit tree growing in the CENTER. The roots of this medicine tree go to the CENTER of the earth. The great tree offers refuge to all who stand under the boughs. The Spirit tree is there for all people. The future bodes well with Swan in the CENTER and Swan is the CENTERING medicine for February. Swan is sacred and exquisite—long-necked, Graceful, and lovely. Swan has faultless beauty and poise. No wonder Swan is considered a love medicine. Swan may foretell romance and sweetness approaching you. It may be an amorous month but remember, Swan mates for life and they are the very essence of loyalty—no doubt about it. Swan ranges far and wide—they are large and heavy birds but can fly higher than eagles, so it is told. Swan is one of the largest flying birds. Swan has an impressive wingspan of ten feet. They are adept at both flying and swimming. Their beautiful feathers have been much sought after but hopefully now, not so much.

Swan medicine reminds us of the inner beauty of all creatures and inner strength. Swan in the CENTER brings great good luck, a mirroring, a magnification of self-love. You will have great success and Grace in dealing with others. You may well notice that your intuition is spot-on while Swan energy is present and you may discover new psychic powers when you least expect them to come your way. Swan brings a new enchantment to your everyday life experiences. Swan may want you to simplify—to live gently on the earth. You may well find yourself more and more prone to a modest life—peace and tranquility. Swan brings Grace and beauty into the picture—Swan may be an indication you have neglected yourself for far too long and now is the time to commit yourself to finding personal serenity, self-esteem, Grace, inner beauty, and advancement of your spiritual evolution. Live in Swan’s purity, calmness, and Grace, and be contented.

Medicine Cards Reading for January 2024.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center. The random card selections were Ant, Turkey, Eagle, Lynx and Spider in that order. The question: What are the best medicines to consider for the month of January 2024?

EAST. Card Number 32. Ant—Patience. The medicine wheel contains knowledge of the universe. It holds the Father Sky, the Mother Earth, the Center, and the four cardinal directions, plus the up and the down direction. EAST is the starting place and points one toward spiritual strengths—points one toward the light of a new day. East is the break of dawn, a bright spot arriving out of the darkness and filling our world with the increasing light of a new and wondrous day. Greet the sun in the EAST in all its illuminating radiance. Here is the beginning of our journey. One and all of us are connected to this source of life directly and individually. In any case, the sun is a happy omen and each day denotes a new beginning. Ant in the EAST tells one to get to work. Don’t wait. Ant gets in fast and is in it for the long haul. So should you be in 2024. There are very few problems that can’t be fixed if you throw Ant’s medicine of work and the Patience to follow through. Get after it and don’t stop until each job gets done.

With Ant medicine, your social skills will improve. Industrious Ants are communal and have a clear social order with a caste system, the queen being the founder and head. She is the most important of all, producing the thousands of eggs necessary to ensure the survival of the colony. There are also worker and soldier Ants and a reproductive caste that assists the queen—only the queen can mate. With Ant in the EAST, you may have an itch to do something productive. Begin with self-discipline. Like Ant, do some strategic planning and get organized and prepared. When you are ready and have a solid actionable plan, get down to brass tacks and begin the serious business of the work. You will find that you have the drive and Patience to accomplish your goals. Rewards will be forthcoming.

SOUTH. Card Number 31. Turkey—Give-Away. Turkey comes with the sun high in the SOUTH. SOUTH is a warm, green, and growing direction. Because the sun is high in the SOUTH, it is said that all life comes from there. The season of the SOUTH is summer and the color most associated with the SOUTH is red. SOUTH is the place of the adolescent on the sacred wheel. Turkey may be telling you to Give ’til it hurts. Turkey is telling you to give to a youthful person and give with an open heart–your time, your money, your council or what have you.  You will be giving to yourself in a certain way when you do this. Some people get stuck. You may need to reconnect with your inner adolescent. Some people carry adolescent behaviors even into old age.  Look in the mirror and see if this is you. Wipe the power pout off your face and instead smile and be happy. When Turkey appears in the SOUTH it is a time to count your blessings and give yourself credit for what you possess and what you have accomplished. Life itself is a great accomplishment.

In many tribal cultures the Give-Away, also called potlatch, was practiced. Turkey spirit tells you to share and Give-Away. Look to the good of your friends and fellow creatures—the animals. Focus your attention on gratitude. You no doubt have plenty to be grateful for. Try to see your world through rose-colored glasses and appreciate the give and take of life. Gratitude benefits one and all—gratitude is contagious. It lifts up the spirit.  Turkey says to be thankful and be grateful each day knowing gifts are coming your way this January—it may be a little thing like having a pleasant cup of coffee or tea or having a heart-to-heart with a friend. The gift could be something huge like hitting the jackpot and obtaining a big raise or promotion you have wanted and waited on for such a long time. Prime the pump, so to say, give yourself a gift to get the gifting ball rolling. Give your time to a worthy cause, working in an animal shelter for instance, or for a charity you support. And give a little thank you for all your struggles because struggles sow compassion.

WEST. Card Number 1, Eagle—Spirit. WEST on the sacred wheel is introspection, the looks-within direction–turning your eyes inward toward understanding and self-knowledge. The color of the WEST is black. The WEST element is earth. WEST represents the adult and maturity. The clear-eyed Eagle has big medicine for you. The most sacred of birds is the sees-far Eagle. Eagle is a visionary so let your vision take flight.  Eagle is courageous. Eagle is said to be related to the sun and is a most poignant symbol of Spirit and enlightenment. Eagle is a warrior. Eagle in the WEST indicates your inner light and profound communication with Spiritual essence. Eagle in the WEST confirms that you have made remarkable spiritual strides whether or not you are aware of it. Eagle has landed right next to you. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the self-imposed limits. Especially now, award yourself permission to speak on spiritual matters and be a bridge to help others who may be stumbling on their path.

Eagle in the WEST gives you a boost in spiritual awareness and internal spiritual growth. Trust your heart to keep you on your path. New opportunities will appear. Your energy will improve. You will be close to the source of blessings. Eagle will be watching over you and will not lead you astray. Eagle in the WEST opens the gate into hidden spiritual truths and is beaconing you to enter. Don’t be afraid of the great light of illumination held within the darkness of the WEST. Eagle as a power animal and guide is unequaled. Eagle medicine gives one vision and freedom within. Connect all the dots and see the big picture. Eagle takes in a vast amount of information—both above and below. You should be able to rise, spiritually speaking, in January–to soar, and to prevail in almost any situation. Eagle medicine in the WEST confirms a profound inner knowing—a closeness to Mystery. Be like Eagle. Go where Eagle goes each day, to the top of the clouds.

NORTH. Card Number 18, Lynx—Secrets. The NORTH segment of the medicine wheel speaks of the old ones, the elders and caretakers of sacred antiquities, keepers of time-worn knowledge, teachings, stories, histories, songs, and sacred possessions. Lynx appearing in the NORTH is a powerful omen. Lynx looks at you with opalescent eyes that have met with the eyes of Great Mystery. Lynx is an astute observer and knows Secrets. Lynx is a magician and knows the Secrets of the ages, magic, and magical powers.  Much about Lynx is hidden. Lynx has the power to enter the great silence—the silence of forever. It’s been said that Lynx has a hidden chuckle. That’s because Lynx knows something you don’t. Lynx knows Secrets. Lynx is said to have looked directly at the brilliant light of Great Spirit and in that moment knew everything about everything. No one could keep a Secret from Lynx from that time onward. Lynx is always in close touch with the remembrance of that light and the consequent clairvoyance it brought—a sort of psychic energy that allows one to see what is true, what is real–no matter the pretense or facade.

Lynx is not often seen. They keep to themselves, aware and discerning. Lynx is independent going its own way. You have to have the courage to know Secrets and keep them. Lynx tells you never to gossip. and you can’t be lax about it. You must have courage to know Secrets and you must know how to keep them carefully concealed. This is how you build trust with others, by honoring and keeping their confidence. Lynx’s appearance harkens revelations. You could be entrusted with a Secret this January. Lynx can read omens and signs—you may put two and two together and have a eureka moment. Lynx may be encouraging you to have a new Secret—a special place in nature, for instance, that is private, where you can go to recharge. To reference Medicine Cards, “Become Lynx and wear the Mona Lisa smile. Only you will know what you are smiling about.”

CENTER. Card number 43, Spider—Weaving. The CENTER is often called the navel of the earth—a place of great importance and creative force, the CENTER and balance of life. The mind is said to be at CENTER. You reside at CENTER—at the cross-corners where the four directions meet. The process of Weaving teaches one much about how our world works in the deepest sense—the fabric of being. So now along comes Spider as your CENTERING card in January–don’t be frightened away. Spider Mother is a protector watching over you and she helps you find your CENTER. Spider brings you there. Spider is also a good warming medicine in wintertime as she is said to have Woven the first blankets. Spider Mother watches over humans and keeps them free of entanglements.  Creatrix Spider Grandmother sits at the loom of time Weaving all realities of this universe which is a work in progress. Spider Woman is the spinner of our fates–so it is told by many elders and wisdom keepers. Spider energy helps you Weave your reality in a good way while following the strands of your destiny.

Seeing a Spider often signifies a new cycle has begun—time to Weave a new creation, one you have thought about and dreamed of achieving. If your life is broken Spider can help you mend it and make it right. Spider has astounding survival skills and thrive in varied environments. Spider teaches perseverance in pursuing your spiritual and other goals and Spider never wavers or gives up. All the alphabets can be found in Spider’s web so Spider can help one to become a better writer–especially in tying loose ends together in a literary work. Spider has this power and knows how to bring works to completion without a lot of drama.  Be like Spider. Maybe it’s time for you to quit procrastinating and spin. Spider brings good luck in communications. Now is a perfect time to hit it with that book or story or some amazing yarn you want to write. Spider tells you to make a strong personal web and keep it ever in good repair. Get rid of the things caught in your web you no longer need. Release stress. Be Centered in yourself and be strong–be happy in this New Year.