2013 Oracle – Ancient Keys to the 2012 Awakening


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2013 Oracle – Ancient Keys to the 2012 Awakening looks beyond 2012 to explain and interpret the guidance of the ancients and how that knowledge can help us in modern times. The book and card deck include divining instructions for help in navigating the new earth knowledge in changing times. The 34 Oracle cards are beautifully illustrated with mystical symbols and animals designed to lead us to new realizations.

Excerpted from 2013 Oracle, by David Carson, published by Council Oak Books, OK.

Condor, the bone cruncher, has a special place in the next world. He is recognized for his service, that of taking on the purification of the world. Great Spirit acknowledges him for purifying the realm of the living by eating the dead. Condor humbly accepted this undertaking when all others of the bird tribes refused.

“Many will fear you,” Great Spirit told Condor. “But when they come to my world, the spirit world, they will find you standing next to me.”

The Condor in myth and in fact has a unique and symbiotic connection to solar forces. In the dew-damp morning, the birds must wait for the sun to dry their bodies and wings before they can fly. And still, they can’t fly until the sun produces the thermal winds that carry them aloft.

It is easy to play with words and ideas.Condor teaches totality. Condor understands that books and symbols cannot ultimately teach us. They are the bricks that wall the mind. Condor has to consume our words and our symbols in order that we might know a connectedness of being.

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