Monthly Animalscopes 2022

Medicine Card reading for December 2022, by David Carson

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center. The random card selections were Raccoon, Squirrel, Weasel, Deer and a centering card Rabbit in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of December 2022?

EAST.  Card Number 46, Raccoon—Generous Protector. The Medicine Wheel can function as a mirror we can look into to discover deeper aspects of our being. You may find you have an invisible friend in December or perhaps you will discover a spirit benefactor or a spiritual gift you would be wise to advance in the East. The East on the sacred Wheel represents spiritual beginnings, spiritual insight, spiritual blessings and every sort of new beginning. In short, all beginnings start in the East with our first steps toward an objective. This reading begins by first encouraging you to give yourself nurture and love. Let Raccoon in the East show you the way to make do, to be Generous and protect yourself and others. First, tend to your personal needs and then reach out and help and Generously Protect and provide for others.

Raccoon medicine can increase the healing energy flow you are able to transmit through your hands. December could offer a good opportunity to take on a hands-on project. Raccoon has hand dexterity similar to humans. You will be able to do well on any job that requires skill with your hands. And take a long-deserved bow for all you have done in the past regarding a certain someone.  Raccoon could also mean the Christmas spirit will be strong and you will make a long list of gifts you wish to give on this day that represents the birth of divinity. Like the magi of old you too can follow your star and find the right place to honor your own spirit by bestowing gifts on others. Remember Raccoon tells you to engage the world and to do something helpful and wonderful for other people. Now is the time to be Generous and Protect those you love. See if you can’t extend that love to all of creation. In any case, make December a month to show your Generosity and give some attention to those you may have neglected in the past.

SOUTH. Card number 26, Squirrel—Gathering. South is the direction where we first interface with the world of physicality—our child self learning about substance and developing our involvements, attractions, passions and ideals. South is where we learn generosity of spirit. There are countless tales, some true, of Squirrels saving the life of a helpless, starving wayfarer on their very last legs. Squirrel shared their stashed-away food and pulled them through. Squirrels have often come to the rescue and proved to be a friend indeed. Squirrels are amazing and have remarkable powers. They are highly motivated, creative, adaptable, ambitious and they are constantly looking into the future. They work hard to store away enough food for the winter. Squirrel medicine gives you the power to persevere and finish and get just about any job done. If you need to make a plan, ask Squirrel for their help. Call on Squirrel medicine when you are planning your prospects, your future.

Squirrels are both highly intelligent and intuitive–shrewd and sensible. Squirrel tells you that the future will be here before you know it so be wise and Gather what you will need for a rainy day but don’t overburden yourself with unnecessary possessions. They have a bit of trickster in them and they know how to get what they want. Squirrels do not hoard and are never greedy. They are practical. Squirrel lives in harmony with the seasons. They know that these are times of change. Tomorrow is not always the same as today. With each turning of the wheel be adaptable like Squirrel. Squirrels are at home high above in leafy or barren trees, ascending to the highest branches and often connecting to the spiritual power of the upper world. Squirrels have a positive link with trees. Hug a tree for Squirrel medicine. Let Squirrel and tree be important spirit teachers for you in December.

WEST. Card Number 33, Weasel—Stealth. In the West we learn of the sacrifice. It is the daunting and darkening place of contemplation within the great silence—a place of introspection and individual self-knowledge. Sometimes Weasel is hidden in plain sight. They are multifaceted in their abilities. Weasel has a great deal of charm. They are loners and prefer solitude but they also know how to fit in in every situation. Weasel may signal a need for more flexibility on your life’s path. Stealth requires you to blend in and be observant. Stay hidden all the while taking in information that will serve you and possibly others in time to come—or perhaps even in the immediate. Weasel has that polish, a savoir-faire if you will, that makes them seem inviting, trustworthy and honest. If you encounter a Weasel person you are apt to spill all your secrets to them—never a good idea.

Weasel may be telling you to brush off your inertia and act fast in a certain situation. Look over your responsibilities and examine each one to make sure you have not overlooked some vital part that needs your attention right now. Weasels are a secretive and tricky bunch and some of their antics confound the mind. Never kill a Weasel because you will have bad luck or in some cases or be haunted by their offended spirit in other cases. If a Weasel shows up in your dreams, honor them and ask for their suggestions about how to proceed. They may be showing up to save the day, month, or even the year. With Weasel medicine around, pay particular attention to your hunches and act upon them. Ask the energy of your hunch to show you what you should be doing—not so much overtly—but perhaps under the radar. When you do so you are moving into trust—learning to trust yourself, your instincts, your inner voice–at least that’s what the old ones say.

NORTH. Card Number 4, Deer—Gentleness. Look to the North for insight and wisdom, fulfillment and completion. North is a good place to sum things up and come to intellectual conclusions about some complicated measures you may have to face—then act accordingly. Deer medicine is healing. Deer has crossed your path to help you get rid of bleak attitudes by giving comfort to your heart, mind, and spirit. Deer way is a subtle peaceful way of being. Deer medicine is like taking swigs from that little bottle of love potion nine—Deer spirit will fill your loving cup to the brim. And as is often said, love conquers all. Let the kind, sensitive Deer medicine open your heart chakra so that you can Gentle down easy and be filled with spiritual inspiration and lovingkindness.

December is a good month to reevaluate priorities, a month of creativity and growth. Seek treasure within. Take some time to bolster your loving energy. Be with other people who offer kindness and are in sync with your ideals. Be alert and alive but stay far and away from discord of any kind. Bolt like a Deer and flee at any suggestion of struggle or disturbing aesthetics.  Follow the beauty road, the relaxed Gentle road. Deer will help you make the month near effortless, easygoing, calm, and tranquil—but only if you will cooperate. Take a few minutes each day and invite peacefulness and serenity into your life—asking the deer medicine to be with you at all times. Let Deer lead you to serenity in December.

CENTER. Card Number 30—Rabbit—Fear. Energetically Centering means managing yourself in positive ways—by being present and grounded and able to focus your energy. Rabbit is a special medicine. With Rabbit around think about what it is you are visualizing because your manifesting abilities are accentuated. The creature has the uncanny ability to manifest Fear in the form of whatever is frightening them. With Rabbit as your centering card, you will want to focus your energy in the opposite direction by being strong, brave, and balanced, manifesting courage and warrior power. Never let Fear paralyze you and keep you from doing what you know is right. Never let it block you. Become a warrior and face your personal Fear and walk through it. After all, it is a product of “your” mind.

As a Centering Energy Rabbit may have come hopping your way to tell you to stop talking about all the hideous things happening, real or imagined, in our world. Or if you happen to be using Fear as a weapon, stop it.  Fear or no Fear, Rabbits flourish from coast to coast on Turtle Island. They are fertile and abundant on our prairies, deserts, and woodlands. They are food for the many and have many enemies. It is only natural for them to become Fearful now and again. Yet Rabbits are said by some warrior societies to bring strength and endurance.  They have great speed and tricky moves. Rabbit medicine frees you by aiding you in conquering any Fear you may be experiencing. In the end, Rabbit teaches you how to shake hands with your Fear and make it an ally—and how you too can become Fearless.

Medicine Card reading for November 2022, by David Carson.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center. The random card selections were Owl, Porcupine, Elk, Turkey and a centering card Eagle in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of November 2022?

EAST.  Card number 21, Owl—Deception. Look to the East and see the dawn announcing the start of a new day, a new light—perhaps a new way of seeing, a new more comprehensive approach—and a different way of doing things. Don’t be hoodwinked. Watch your back. Don’t tell yourself lies. November has the potential for considerable dishonesty as it is. Be awake and alive and hit the day with your entire being. While most everyone else was asleep, Night Eagle, Owl was out there being the night’s unseen busybody keeping you in the dark about their intentions. Don’t let Owl pull the wool over your eyes. Realize Deception may be near you and blocking your progress. Night Eagle has immediately flown into your cards to give you a heads-up and the instinctual ability to see what is actually going on–how it plays out will be up to you.

Owl medicine can release you from your shadow self. Ask the Owl to help silence all the various argumentative and contradictory voices within you. That’s right. You must rip up those old tapes and get rid of them so that you can live an authentic and peaceful life with little or no conflict. Traditionally, Owl is placed in the East of the medicine wheel to guard the entrance leading to true knowledge—mindfulness leading to spirituality and illumination.  One must peer into the darkness and go through the veils to find the greatest light from Mystery. If you reach that sacred place, no one will be able to Deceive you–ever.

SOUTH. Card number 12, Porcupine—Innocence.  South is the place of trust and Innocence and can be a playful and the most creative place on the ancient learning wheel. South on the medicine wheel is the place you can dance a new dance or sing a new song—make surprising new breakthroughs, and discoveries and boost your happiness quotient.  That simply means for you to be alert and alive and responsive to everything in your field—engaging that which gives you amusement or pleasure. Whatever else you do, don’t be down and gloomy in the South. With Porcupine in the South, you should always feel safe and protected so be of good cheer—be happy. See things as a child might see them—each thing unique–a supernatural wonder. Each thing is a treasure of awareness–everything alive and charged with a living spirit. Don’t stray. Stay connected. Let Porcupine give you Innocence medicine. Remember your child’s spirit and bring it to the fore.

How does one get there? Go backward like a Porcupine goes. Go backward to renewal and self-validation. Go backward to goodness and original nature, the time before you took on limiting beliefs—it’s as if you locked yourself in a prison of self-imposed restrictions. Now give yourself a break from that. Make your escape. Be full with Porcupine medicine. Do one thing you really love doing. And take it as your due—that’s a good  start. But keep it up. Let your playful spirit enhance your work ethic and lessen the grind with a happy admixture of play and work.  Lastly, watch out for barbs, those of your own, and those directed at you from other people. Back off. Don’t start any unnecessary hostilities. Porcupine might be a warning not to poke your nose in other people’s business. Mind your own, as the expression goes and that’s pretty good advice.

WEST. Card number 3. Elk—Stamina. Elk in the West, in self-examination and introspection, is a message to help you keep going—to face burnout, ennui, inertia, indolence, or whatever is impeding your progress. Momentum—keep moving forward. You need to start somewhere so start now. Do what you need to do but never push beyond limits. Strengthen your resolve, yes–the power within. Be consistent. Take those first baby steps and build Stamina over time. Stamina is about pacing and having energy for the long haul. You can’t be a couch potato or cyber zombie and expect to have Stamina.  Get more exercise.  Climb those stairs. Take that thirty-minute walk and slowly increase that over time—walking longer and further. Swimming laps in a swimming pool build Stamina. Strategize and build your strength and endurance via the good medicine powers of Elk.

It takes a while to get in tip-top condition. Movement is key. Don’t skimp on eating. Have a good nourishing breakfast—nutritious food for snacks and all meals.  Drink plenty of water—stay hydrated. Extra strong coffee will bump your Stamina but you only need that adrenal slap ever so often when appropriate—when you’ve taken on extra work, say, or some other pressing responsibility. With Stamina, you will always be ahead of the game. You can write that book, start that business, or do any number of things–take off on an adventure to a far-off land you have never seen. You will have the inner drive to get going and keep it going until you have completed your adventure and you’ve been there and done that thanks to Elk’s good medicine.

 NORTH, Card number 31, Turkey—Give-Away. The expression you can’t take it with you leaps to mind with Turkey in the North, in wisdom. Lighten your load.  Give it away. Shuck it. Out! Out of your life!  Especially get rid of it if it is heavy baggage—something you just lug around and that has no significant meaning for you. Call on the spirit of the Give-Away Eagle, Turkey. Turkey will help you lessen your load and you will be happy with the mindful results. Ask yourself: do I love this? Does it have a real purpose? Does it make me feel better because I “own” it? Hold it close. Think of it as energy. Does it drain you or lift you up? Or is it simply bla? It should create food for your spirit. If it doesn’t and someone else can use it, give it to them.

With Turkey, offer thanks. You may soon discover new opportunities. Let Turkey add to your abundance. Always be appreciative of your blessings and give back. Share. You may get an important gift in November. Cast your bread upon the waters and it will increase and come back to you. Be available and helpful to people you care about. Give your time. Giving from the heart makes one happy. Give generously and expect nothing in return. And you don’t just need to Give-Away physical belongings. You can also Give-Away by being kind, offering a helping hand—being there, being encouraging. When you help others you are feeding your own spirit.

CENTER. Card number 1, Eagle—Spirit.  Now we have come to the Center of the medicine wheel, the taproot of consciousness. All roads lead to the Center. It is said we are all related at the Center of the wheel—plants, animals, insects, all beings, including our entire human family. It is also said that life is fleeting but Spirit is forever. Look for balance and unity where the roads meet. Center yourself in Eagle’s mystic power. Be free of spirit like a fluffy piece of Eagle plume wafting on the air. Face the world with knowledge and courage. Open your heart to the Center of creation. Eagle card in the Center portends well for connection with a deep spiritual consciousness. Eagle in the Center is the place to look for renewal. Before all religions there was Eagle and Eagle holds it—the power and the medicine, the crossing place where we meet with the divine—the place where heaven meets with earth. Eagle was the first among elders and shamans—in fact, Eagle was and is the first shaman, keeper of the greatest of Spiritual truths.

Eagle is often called Wambli, the fierce War Eagle that sees far, knows what’s coming and how to prevail. Eagle feathers were at one time precious beyond words, especially to warriors and we are all warriors in a certain way. There have been many legendary sacred Eagle medicine feathers used in healing and remembered for their powerful blessings. Eagle feathers were once traded even for horses. In the old days, Eagle was said to be a messenger sent from Great Spirit filling you with the light and the warmth of the sun even on the coldest of days. Eagle is a two-way street. Eagle can also take your message to the Maker of Life–flying in concentric circles and opening a hole in the sky, Eagle enters the home of the Great Mystery and relates your message. You will have an answer before you know it. Eagle lights the world so one can see beyond appearances—see what is true, what is real. Eagle medicine inspires, burns out fear, and gives one personal power. Eagle is a big big-medicine and this medicine is near to you at all times in November.

Medicine Card reading for October 2022, by David Carson

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center. The random card selections were Jaguar, Salmon, Lynx, Snake and a centering card Mouse in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of October 2022?

EAST.  Card number 51, Jaguar — Integrity/Impeccability. Look to the East, toward the rising sun for the break of a new day, a new beginning, a new time—a time perhaps to be grateful and acknowledge the joys in your life. Question the status quo and take a small new step in a different direction. See where that leads you. In the East of course are your spiritual teachers and your guardian spirits who encourage you to walk with Integrity and Impeccability–in other words to walk your spiritual talk. In your mind’s eye, or in fact, if you have the ability, shapeshift into the sun-carrying Jaguar. Jaguar’s spots are related to the sun and Jaguar is Impeccable through all suns, in between all worlds and conditions. Take some time and observe the world through the unflinching eyes of the knowing, perceptive Jaguar–the animal who most embodies the cosmological powers of the shaman.

Always do your level best and never misuse your authority is the message from Jaguar. Jaguar is the embodiment of physical and spiritual power, daring, and courage. With Jaguar medicine you will have no fear. Jaguar rules the night and the lower world—the world of the deepest self where dwell your ancestors and the master spirits of the animals. The lower world is the place you can make friends with your devils and finally part company while still being on good terms. Ask Jaguar to be your companion and guide in this world, to light it up so to speak. Jaguar has the power to illuminate the darkness. Let Jaguar take you on a healing journey within. Jaguar can also help you negotiate the challenging conditions of our world today where so much is occluded and aggressive. Like Jaguar, walk soundlessly but know where you are headed. In a certain sense, we are all playing hide-go-seek with various parts of our own being. The fearless cat can jerk your cover so you can see the truth of the games you have been playing. Get serious.  You can be free and fearless once again–living in Integrity and Impeccability. Let Jaguar’s spirit set you on that path.

SOUTH. Card number 49, Salmon—Wisdom/Inner knowing. Salmon have profound Wisdom and Inner Knowing. Look to the South for vitality and purpose, a place of doing. Salmon is often seen in the South of the medicine wheel–the place of trust. Salmon says to trust yourself even if you feel like you are swimming against the current—trust the Wisdom of your Inner knowing. Is there something in you, eternal, a direction that you must follow regardless of how it looks to others? What do you keep coming back to? What do you most care about? Let Salmon medicine show you the way home—a place where you have always been and always will be—a place of remembering and renewal. Salmon can be your inner compass for finding a pathway to go where you need to go.

So whatever you are doing, stick with it. When the waters get muddy, let your intuition be your guide and go your own special way. With Salmon in the South, you are probably no stranger to hard work. Prosperity may be at hand. Salmon are persistent and never give up. They are inward bound.  If you are having difficulties, Salmon medicine has come along to show you what’s important and what isn’t—stay with what is. Let go of folly. You may soon be going on a wonderfully rewarding journey–a spiritual, transformative journey. Salmon may be reminding you to keep putting in the effort even when it’s hard—keep stroking until you get there.

WEST. Card number 18, Lynx—Secrets. West on the medicine wheel represents introspection. Lynx is an astute observer and doesn’t miss a trick. With Lynx in the West, open your spiritual eyes and turn them inward. Lynx has the power to look into the wisdom of the cosmos. Lynx is an enigma, a riddle, a puzzle that can’t be solved. Lynx has very acute and accurate eyesight and sees what is Secret from most people. With Lynx medicine you can find the Secrets that others dare not reveal–even Secrets you are keeping from yourself and of course, from everyone else. Lynx may be telling you that you do not know something significant that is kept secreted away for now but you have the power to discover it. Lynx has that special kind of clairvoyance that can look into the great silence and see Secrets. Sometimes Lynx can wake up from a dream about someone and know exactly what their Secret is—what they are concealing and most probably, why they are hiding it.

Lynx may bring a remembering of important things you have forgotten or new revelations may come to you. Lynx could also be a warning. If it is hard for you to keep Secrets, don’t learn of them in the first place. Plug up your ears and run. Practically everyone has Secrets, some people are a bundle of Secrets. They may turn to you because Lynx is said to be able to hold and keep Secrets. Being confided in presupposes a good deal of trust. If someone has entrusted you with a Secret, do yourself a big favor and keep it strictly confidential. Be responsible and don’t slip up accidentally or on purpose. Lynx may be telling you to be worthy and reliable.

NORTH, Card number 6, Snake—Transmutation. North on the medicine wheel is the place of wisdom–a place of great beauty and higher truth. Snake is the great mythic trickster in Judeo-Christian dogma having tricked Adam and Eve into falling from paradise. Thus we have lost our innocence and must now live in a morass of opposites—not to mention guilt–having to live with the knowledge of good and evil. Talk about Transmutation! Transformation transforms something in degree. Transmutation mutates one thing into another thing. Think about what the Wise Snake has bequeathed us. We are no longer dumb brutes. We are able to change negative to positive. For instance, alchemists changed base metals into gold or better still changed spiritual dross into spiritual gold—shifting the negative to the positive. We have that same alchemy of fire within us—it is called passion. Used properly, it can bring about the miraculous.

With Snake medicine, you are able to bend and adapt to most situations. If you are in the doldrums and feel worn out, let Snake medicine help you restore your vitality. Snake is lightening on the ground and knows the earth and the lower world well. Snake exemplifies life force and is a symbol of healing in western medicine. Snake gives you the power to free up energy and use it to heal yourself. Connect with your Snake medicine. Nap often. Dream dreams and remember them.  Find a quiet space inside or outside, depending on what’s available. Give your problems to Mother Earth. Be like a Snake that sheds its skin and is able to renew itself. Move your body and do pleasurable energetic exercises appropriate to your state of being. Draw in new energy—enough to meet your needs. Let Snake energy slowly and easily revive your spirit.

CENTER. Card Number 20, Mouse—Scrutiny. Being Centered means having a stance, being comfortable, balanced, poised, and ready for just about any eventuality. You are able to cut and run or plow ahead or simply maintain. Trust your instincts and go with them. Centering means to be in a state of equilibrium. With Mouse medicine, you can get Centered and take care of all the little but important things that are in-coming. You can address situations in a peaceful and loving way. Mouse is giving you the power to see things up close and attend to details. Now is the time to read the fine print, as an example, and understand its’ meaning or possibly do a repair job—doing that bothersome work that needs to be done. Like the Mouse, you can now chew things to pieces, be persistent and get a handle, a grip, on each impediment to progress. Get the little things done. Force yourself. Everything else will then fall into place.

The humble little Mouse has immense powers, as the chiefs have told it. They say Mouse carries the powers of civilization—the powers of intense focus and collective consciousness. There are plenty of Mice to guide and teach you. They are everywhere on the planet. They are survivors. Mouse medicine is quick and brave. Mouse may be tiny but it carries through and realizes its goals. Keep Centered in Mouse medicine and realize your own ideals—take a deep breath and hit it. You will be surprised at your achievements and very soon your life will be organized and orderly.

Medicine Card reading for September 2022, by David Carson.

Medicine Card reading for September 2022, by David Carson. The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center. The random card selections were Hawk, Badger, Skunk, Wolf and a centering card Armadillo in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of September 2022?

EAST.  Card number 2, Hawk—Messenger. The medicine wheel is thousands of years old and teaches fulfillment and wholeness. It is a hoop that contains the micro-and-macrocosmic powers of the universe, a sacred space of unity within and without. It is sometimes called the wisdom wheel, the circle of life’s meaning, and by many other names. East on the medicine wheel represents birth—the birth of all beings. East on the medicine wheel is a step from darkness into the light, a doorway into a new beginning, a new morning. Hawk tells you to be alert and pay attention at all times to Messages that may be coming to you in usual and unusual ways. Hawk’s Message may smooth the way for you or point out important tasks for you to get accomplished. Hawk appears in the East with a specific spiritual Message, an awakening–an inspiration to walk an exemplary spiritual road. Hawk medicine opens a path on the good red road.

Hawk lifts you up and shows you the big picture. Hawk is telling you to see the world with sharp, clear eyes and be more observant—be Hawkeyed. Hawk often facilitates that “ah ha” moment, a great blessing in your everyday life or in your business pursuits. Ask Hawk for take-charge energy and the ability to oversee a course of action you may soon need to implement. Hawk tells you to step forward, get it done and move on to the next stage. Hawk’s energy is freeing. If a Hawk swoops directly toward you, go ahead and take that wild fling. Don’t be hesitant. Just do it and put your entire being into it. You won’t be sorry.

SOUTH. Card number 29, Badger—Aggressiveness. Think of the child within when addressing the South, remembering how inquisitive, awe-inspiring, and playful children can be.  Trust, innocence, and child energy, if you can summons it, is good medicine to have in Aggressive times. It allows you to be happy, positive, and observant but nonattached, not getting suckered into squabbles with another person or group. Face it, some people are looking for trouble. Avoid them. Avoid verbal hostility and distance from any sort of disharmony or dissonance. Don’t judge. Smile and say bye-bye and move away from Aggression.

Badger in a card spread is often a stern warning—subtle or glaring. Take care of your diet and your health. Get plenty of rest. Make sure you are drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can make you grouchy and combative.  You may be Badgering someone unknowingly or someone just as likely may be Badgering you. You will know them. Badgers throw down at the slightest provocation. Badger is well known for their off-the-wall vicious attacks not backing down even an inch, hissing and spitting and menacing with their sharp teeth and claws. Don’t let it come to that. Stay mature and don’t engage. Be at peace but make sure you know your own Badger medicine is there for you if you need it.

WEST. Card number 7, Skunk—Reputation. West is the place of long shadows, the looks-within place—the place of the adult on the medicine wheel. West is the place to introspect and go deep within in order to find your personal understanding, in this case, your understanding about who and what you think you are in this world and the way you are perceived by others—in other words, your Reputation. Skunk is a powerful ally to have in this respect. Skunk asks what makes you distinctive. Examine your unique abilities and how you can best use them. You may want to use certain of your powers minimally.

Look to Skunk in the West for magical blessings. Skunk is single-minded and focused on a purpose and woe to those who would get in your way. Skunks will show off but they never brag. Skunks relish life. Skunk counsels you to understand yourself and your motives—understand how powerful you really are. You may have swept some of this awareness under the rug. Skunk tells you to remember your powers.  Give respect and know that respect will be returned to you. Skunk medicine makes you feel safe and secure. Most people recognize and respect you for who you are—you are someone who leaves a large impression. And as is said, your Reputation precedes you.

NORTH, Card number 15, Wolf—Teacher. North is the place of long snows and cold winters, the place where stands the wise old white-haired elder. North is the place of the intellect—cold and cutting, telling it like it is. You can burn some broadleaf cedar in the North part of your environment to honor the spirit of the north. Wolf puts you in touch with ancient wisdom. You may want to share your knowledge with others. To be a Teacher you have to be committed to lifelong learning and Wolf is urging you along this path. It may be time to step up and share what you know in whatever venue is available to you—it may be as little as just having coffee or tea with another or perhaps you should consider joining in in a group discussion. But of course, if you have teaching credentials, use them in a formal teacher-student setting.

Remember too that Wolf is the renowned pathfinder. Wolf sees even in the dark. Let Wolf be your guide. If you are lost or stymied ask the spirit of Wolf to put you back on your true path. Wolf always knows the territory ahead. Follow Wolf’s tracks and let Teacher Wolf keep you out of trouble. You will soon be on a smooth and even pathway, the one that was meant for you. If you are considering moving from your present location, ask Wolf to show you the best place to go where you will be happy and fulfilled.  Wolf can guide you to a place where there are interesting people and a strong support network.

CENTER. Card Number 28, Armadillo—Boundaries.  Center is the mystical Center where all roads come together and we are at one, the place to discover inspiration and self-realization. Center is the place of the sacred fire. It is the place of the spirit tree–the nourishing world tree. It’s the crossroads where the spiritual and physical meet. Armadillos have big dream medicines so look to your dreams for guidance and protection.

Armadillo medicine is simple. You may need to establish a parameter of respect around your center. Evoke Armadillo medicine to define clear and certain Boundaries in your life. Armadillo’s plate armor is symbolic of the protection and love provided by our spiritual essence.  Armadillo medicine shows us how to properly establish and honor our own and others’ Boundaries. Ask Armadillo to help you to live openly, yet with well-defined self-respect and respect for others.  Armadillo medicine is not about “us versus them”, rather it is at the center to remind us to stand tall and have Boundaries for what we will accept into our lives or our circle.

Medicine Card reading for August 2022, by David Carson

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center. The random card selections were Whale, Bat, Turtle, Crow and a centering card Grouse in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of August 2022?

EAST.  Card number 41, Whale—Record Keeper. East, is the breaking light of dawn, the awakening. Since East is a doorway, enter and listen. Whale, is the shaman of oceans. Ask Whale to untie and release you any difficult karma. Whale is singing for you and you have taken a step into the paranormal and supra-consciousness. Whale is a swimming library and holds the archives of the universe and the Akashic records of our earth. Remember that Whale holds the knowledge of all that exists within the ethers. Ask Whale to help you make a jump in consciousness.

Once you touch with Whale energy synchronistic occurrences abound. You may have a sudden insight. You may see images and have an unexpected recall of a past or a future life. Remote viewing can happen in momentary visions or at surprising moments. You may hear a familiar voice or experience déjà vu.  Pay particular attention to your dreams during this time and keep a dream journal. Whale may show you numbers to win the lottery. It’s possible. Your dreams may be trying to tell you something important you’ve missed in your ordinary awareness.

SOUTH. Card number 42, Bat—Rebirth. South is the season of summer and the place on the medicine wheel where stands the child. Bats sleep during the day and wake up when it gets dark. Find wisdom in the hours after dusk. Bat is a flying mammal and may be helping with an important change you need to make.  Bat often signals sudden transitions telling you to let the old go and welcome the new. Repetitive thought forms may be dying and you may be able to release yourself from their stultifying nature and drop some of your negative baggage and fixations. Let them go—get rid of them.  In fact, now is the perfect time to go cold turkey and let go of any stubborn addictions or bad habits.

Bats are important because they eat insects and keep a balance with nature and the ecosystem. Bats often speak of a different approach to your state of affairs. You may want to get off to an entirely new start in some area of your life. Use your intuition, your sonar if you will, when Bat is prominent in your card spread. Intuition brings nudges from your subconscious mind. Find the good way forward. You may be becoming more and more of a night person, staying awake later than usual. If this is happening to you, make friends with night. Use the night to pull from the treasure trove of your unconscious.

WEST. Card number 10, Turtle—Mother Earth. West is the autumn of life and a time to go inward, a time to enjoy the harvest, the fruits from Mother Earth. The fruits of the Earth are truly our cornucopia of blessings. We belong to Mother Earth. Let her wisdom bring you into harmony, vitality, and naturalness. If you are looking for longevity, study Turtle. Turtles have built-in protection, a natural shield. Turtles often live to be over 100 years old. Some tribes in Mesoamerica believe Turtles hold the secret to immortality.

Dances and ceremonies honoring Turtle are held by various tribes who believe Turtle offers a connection to ancestor spirits. Taking a lesson from Turtle, slow down. Touch the Earth. Be grounded and enjoy each step of the way. Find your life’s best and easiest rhythm. We who live on Turtle Island, the North American Continent, have a special link to the eternal Mother and to Turtle power. Turtle is very sacred in many cultures throughout the world.  Ask Turtle for strength, stability, adaptability, and emotional support. Each of us has a responsibility to give back to Mother Earth. Do that by living mindfully and sustainably.

NORTH. Card number 24, Crow—Law. North is the resting place, the winter of our soul. Crows are placed in the north of the medicine wheel. Crows are powerful medicine keepers. Crows are messengers from Mystery and the keepers of sacred Law and earthly Law. One Law is change and often Crow announces it—change will be forthcoming. We are asked to implement transformation—evolution. Be open to positive change and do what you can to further it. The highest Law of course is unconditional love in any and all situations.

If you see one Crow, make a wish. Crow will take your wish and give it to the void and sooner or later your wish will be fulfilled. Beware of making harsh judgments. Crow may be asking you to be more forgiving of yourself and others. Be kind-hearted, be mindful, be wise, have compassion but be practical as well.  A dear friend or family member may visit. Something you have lost will be found or returned to you. If you have to make an important decision, ask Crow for help because now is the time to decide.

CENTER. Card Number 34, Grouse—Sacred Spiral. The Center is symbolized by the umbilicus and signifies cyclical forces. With this card put yourself at the Center–be at Center. Be aware and in touch with your personal power. Sacred Spiral is feminine in nature and reminds us that we are all born from woman.  Spirals go clockwise and counter-clockwise–spinning, spinning. The act of spiraling is said to unite the physical with the spiritual. Grouse medicine has the power to take you inward to understanding and illumination. Many skillful shamans in various cultures have found the whirlpool, the vortex that takes one to the center of the universe—an interface with Great Mystery.

Grouse asks you to be more proactive with life and energetically address difficulties you may be having. Forget about your smartphone or any of your other devices. Spend time alone in nature. You may want to bring more movement into your life such as long walks, and exercise—and remember to dance alone or with a partner. Dance the good medicine dance when you feel comfortable in doing so. Try spiraling counter-clockwise. Go inward to your DNA. DNA is also a spiral and returns you to your deep ancestral knowing.

Medicine Card reading for July 2022, by David Carson.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center. The random card selections were Moose, Hummingbird, Elk, Dragonfly and a centering card Raven in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of July 2022?

EAST.  Card number 11, Moose—Self-Esteem. Look to the East for inspiration and new beginnings. East is a doorway–the golden Eagle of the East breaks the darkness and night with warmth and light and so this Medicine Card reading begins. Meet with powerful and majestic Moose energy beginning in early July. Moose is expansive and optimistic. Moose tells you to relish everything that makes you you. Do not judge yourself. Instead, give yourself unconditional acceptance and credit for all that you are. Begin the month by being proud of all that you attempt – your botches are as valuable as your accomplishments—and everything you are. Boost your sense of Self-Esteem and don’t let your circumstances or other people bring you down. What you think about yourself is all-important now so gift yourself with some of Moose’s power—that of high Self-Esteem.

When you’ve got it, flaunt it. Stand tall and carry on. Moose is the big one, the largest member of the deer family. Moose is the perfect medicine power to bring forth if you feel like you are being underrated or overlooked. Call on Moose medicine to help you step forward with imposing personal power—with your own particular largess.  You have knowledge. You have wisdom. You’ve been there and you’ve done amazing things so stand up and be counted. You don’t have to put up with putdowns or cheap shots. With Moose showing up at your eastern gate and bringing you spiritual nourishment, it is time to put yourself first and give yourself the praise you deserve. Pat yourself on the back for your many virtues and show the world your value.

SOUTH. Card number 44 Hummingbird—Joy. The child in the south unpacks the world. Pay attention to little things when you are in the south. And the beautiful Flower Eagle, known as Hummingbird, is the smallest member of the bird tribes. It may be the tiniest of birds but the medicine it carries is big, especially during low-vibrational times. Hummingbird may be telling you to search for and discover a flower essence that you resonate with. Also, you may be able to find a “power hum” and develop it. Give yourself a Harmonic boost by humming your favorite song as you work. Studies have shown that humming diminishes stress and anxiety. You may hit on a harmonic resonance that picks you up and taps you into a potent creative vein.

Hummingbird can pull you right out of the doldrums. Call on Hummingbird so you can lighten up and tune up your vibration.  Attract more love and light into your field. If you need resilience, Hummingbird is there for you. Hummingbird brings the multi-colors of a rainbow which can bring happiness.  Sacred Hummingbird bodes well in the south of the everyday world and can open hardened hearts and bring great happiness in the usual and in the ordinary. Remember the sweetness of life at all levels of your being–this is the Hummingbird’s message.

WEST. Card number 3, Elk—Stamina. West is the place of inner contemplation and self-examination—the adult stands in the West. There are several Deer tribe energies in this Medicine Card reading. Elk medicine, “Wapti” medicine, offers protection on many fronts–the idea of loving and easy-going energies with kindness toward all, so that everywhere you go is a blessing. Compassion is implicit. Elk can give you the resolve to get many of your most important jobs done. Elk are noted for their speed and agility—their ability to pace themselves and get to where they are going without burning out. Elk shows you how to meet the stresses confronting you with a minimum of effort on your part. Stresses do not drain Elk but instead cheer Elk ever onward.

Elk medicine empowers and gives courage. Your finances should progress well for the month and beyond with steady and timely improvement. Elk can stoke up your inner resolve and sense of purpose and Elk continuously gives you Stamina and strength. You will not lag behind because Elk can put you in the “now” and help you stay up to the minute—important in today’s world with fast-moving events and changing technologies. Time may shift realities but Elk keeps pace with reserves of energy. Elk stays relevant.

NORTH. Card number 27, Dragonfly—Illusion. North holds experience and wisdom. The Wise Elder whispers to you from the North. Dragonfly medicine has been around for a long long time. Dragonfly is the great mesmerizing Illusionist and if you examine carefully the vibrant colors shimmering over their glassine wings you may see many worlds and universes. The creature can help you adapt to a change of any sort giving you glimpses into hidden meanings—a pronounced simplicity for always seeing the truth.  You are experiencing growth and may have to stretch to be comfortable in a new reality. You’ve surely got that covered with Dragonfly’s support.

Let Dragonfly enhance your personal journey. Dragonfly is hatched in water and lives near water. Ponder on your relationship to the sacred waters. Pray over your drinking water. Indeed, water can be a spirit catcher. Ask Dragonfly medicine for regeneration. Water, they say, holds emotion and memory. It is important you have a good clear appreciation of the water element and know that it sustains all of life. Water is holy and holds a spiritual force that elevates you.

CENTER. Card Number 16, Raven—Magic.  The Center is the place to get Centered, let the past go and be present. Be where you are.  Raven is at the Center of your wheel in July and all roads lead to the Center, so it is told. The great hoop with its Centering medicine is there for all people. Raven brings Magic and the magical force of the master Magician opening the way so that Magic can enter into your life. Raven offers you a Magic wand and that wand is your intention by which you can stir the waters of positive change. Magical wizard Raven has the ability to bend time and Raven is the big chief of past life regression.

Raven says, “Find your shadow,” that is to say, don’t be afraid to consult with your shadow self for answers. Find that elusive hiding place in your psyche where your life script and coping energies have originated. Once discovered, use the lightning bolt of your understanding and willpower to make Magical changes. One must be whole to work real magic, otherwise, you are just playing games and parlor tricks. Raven instructs you to never lose your faith in real Magic. Magic or mystery lingers near at all times but you must be welcoming and open to it. Then you must trust yourself and when you know the time is just right, step forward and become the master Magician. Work Magic for the good of all.

Medicine Card reading for June 2022, by David Carson

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center. The random card selections were Fox, Turkey, Dog, Porcupine, and a centering card, Swan in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of June 2022?

EAST.  Card number 25, Fox–Camouflage. Foxes are sly and cunning and often noted for their uncanny abilities. If you need to be flexible, there is no better medicine to help you find a way. There are many kinds of Foxes, Red Fox and Silver Fox as an example. There are even Blue Foxes. In any case Fox’s main medicine is Camouflage. Fox has the ability to blend into the environment and become invisible to most observers. Learn from the elusive Fox. Fox may be telling you there is something obvious that you are not picking up on and telling you to open your eyes. See what is hidden and behind outward appearances. You may be greatly surprised.

Fox could be telling you to disappear for a while and become invisible. Be like Fox. Lay low. You too have the ability to conceal and blend in when the need arises. Become like the unseen wind. Weave through any hindrance or difficult situation unnoticed and unperturbed.  If you are quiet and watchful you will observe many things that normally go unseen. Foxiness is an attitude. Be seen when and how you choose. This is the nimble way of Camouflage and the mystic path of Fox.

SOUTH. Card number 31, Turkey—Give-Away. The South concerns consensus reality in the context of new life and new beginnings. Turkey tells you to go easy and share your gifts without expectations. Turkey knows of the sacrifice and often brings forth our most spiritual nature. Turkey is said to be clairvoyant and Turkeys were once considered to be important diviners. You may get sudden helpful insights with Turkey close by. Turkey is referred to as the “Give-away Eagle” by various Native American peoples and indeed you may be feeling a spirit of giving growing within you and a desire to make a contribution to the world and to serve humanity.

Conversely, Turkey may simply be bringing you good luck, good fortune—abundance, clairvoyance, generosity, or prosperity. You may soon be getting a large gift. Or you may get a nod from the universe giving you permission to not hold back. Go for it and gift yourself an important gift you desire. Turkey feathers are often substituted for eagle feathers in ceremonies. Turkey feathers are said to bring harmony and balance—their energies open one’s heart and mind with gratitude.

WEST. Card number 14, Dog–Loyalty. The west on the medicine wheel is the introspective Looks-Within place. Therefore, examine your Loyalties.  What does Dog mean to you in your deepest self? Dog has some serious teachings and good medicine. Most Dogs are pleasant companions. Companionship with Dogs lessens anxiety and stress. Dog was one of the first domesticated animals and there has always been in a close bond between humans and Dogs. Dogs are devoted and have served as both guardians and protectors since time immemorial. They have assisted in carrying burdens and were once the major pack animals before the arrival of the horse in North America, the Turtle Continent.  Dogs can indeed lighten your load.

Dog, it is said, will give you inner power to overcome a pressing obstacle. Let the Dog spirit show you the way. Dogs are Loyal to humans who are worthy. Loyalty has many facets—trust, love, and acceptance. It is a two-way street. There is nothing superficial about Dog. They manifest the truth of their inner being. Let your dog, your pet, become your guru, your teacher.  Go ahead, play and bliss out and get in touch with your own loving nature—laughing and frolicking, a total bonding, a deep acceptance and devotion. Perhaps these qualities have become lost inside your shadow self—the West. Let the spirit of Dog free them.

NORTH. Card number 12, Porcupine–Innocence. Porcupine is in the North, in wisdom so use cold logic and don’t be sensitive. However, watch out for unexpected barbs in June, one or several unkind remarks intended to offend. Best just to ignore them and laugh. Porcupine has the power of faith and trust and embodies these medicines well.  Porcupine is afraid of nothing and has a quality of tolerant acceptance — “You do what you need to do and I’ll do what I need to do. Don’t bother me and I won’t bother you. Just get on with your business.” All good advice from Porcupine.

Innocence is a liberation from the mind, a state of purity. You may want to examine any irrational beliefs you may be harboring and work on getting rid of them. Consider what gives you glee? What gives you joy?  What can you immerse yourself in that gives you pleasure—an activity you can bind with? You can disappear and exist in the eye of happiness with no thought of self or other. Think about it. This is liberation. This is the trusting state, the Innocent state that Porcupine medicine embraces.

CENTER. Card Number 39, Swan–Grace.  Center yourself in Swan medicine, your Centering card for this June. Swan is a high flyer in the skies above and carries the good medicines of the upper world. If you see a Swan in nature, make a wish. If appropriate, Swan will carry it to the brightest star which in the constellation Cygnus, the Swan as it swims through the Milky Way. Your wish will be granted. Swan has come to help you to quit resisting self-transformation. Embrace your beautiful inner self. Be still and know you are due for a positive change in consciousness. Swan speaks of your responsibility to be beautiful within and identify outwardly with the beauty all around you. Swan teaches us to be at peace with all planes of consciousness and trust and flow with Great Spirit’s design.

Elegant and beautiful, Swan is said to bestow the powers of light and wisdom to those who are getting up in years. If you are an elder, Swan ought to spike your happiness quotient considerably. Walk in beauty, be in Grace, as the saying goes– having Grace under pressure, Grace under fire, unruffled, keeping your composure and being in complete harmony with the moment. The essence of beauty is within which then reflects outward. Swan Card represents Grace which is dignity, purity, trust and poise, a knowing that you are on the good road, the right road—the road as it is exemplified by Swan.

Medicine Card reading for May 2022, by David Carson.

Medicine Card reading for May 2022, by David Carson. The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center.

The random card selections were Hawk, Buffalo, Raven, Rabbit and a centering card, Coyote in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of May 2022?

EAST.  Card number 2, Hawk. Hawks are the sacred Messenger birds and a message soon will be forthcoming.  Listen to your intuition. Hawk’s communications are strong and relevant but not necessarily obvious.  You may need to dig and be more observant. Hawk may be showing up to help with a lack of communication difficulty, showing how you can get a bird’s-eye view from a different perspective while hovering over your problems and seeing all the components in their complexities. This understanding opens a path and this is the best way forward.

Hawk is powerful, a raptor. Hawks see clearly and are hyperaware communication experts. Hawk may be pointing you to other channels of communication such as art, poetry, or song—the list could be exhaustive. Be attentive. Hawk knows the best ways to get a point across.  If you feel bottled up and stuck in your communications with others, use Hawk medicine to connect to the upper world which makes your words flow. If you need to give a speech or an important address or simply interact in an important Zoom call or another platform it should be a snap and you will fly right through it—and have an enjoyable experience.

SOUTH. Card number 19, Buffalo. Buffalo is the medicine of Prayer and Abundance. Buffalo says, “I am Tonka, Buffalo. I am mighty but one day I will fall down (buffalo jumps). I will come back to you with food. You can dry my flesh. It will make you strong and it will keep a long time. I will come back to you with shelter (teepees). I will come back to you as clothing and moccasins. I’ll be back with Buffalo robes so that you can sleep and be warm under them on the coldest of nights. I give you these gifts. I am Buffalo. I am holy. I am sacred. Honor me by prayer, ask for what you need and you will soon have plenty.”  And indeed it was so for eons to come.

Our world is truly a world of giving and receiving. What you cast out is what will come back to you manifold. If you have a gift to give away, you must. Consider going on a gift-giving binge, a sort of personal potlatch. Let your goodwill overflow in the process. Buffalo reminds you of the give-away and that a gift is not a gift until it is given. Buffalo may be advising you to give a special gift to someone who is struggling.  You may want to provide for their needs in a loving and mindful way.  At the least, you could host a potluck dinner in the spirit of giving, gratitude, and sharing nourishment with friends and family.

WEST. Card number 16, Raven. Raven is said to be a spiritual bird capable of bringing enlightenment. It can also shine a light on places where light is needed. If you are decisive many new doors of opportunity are open to you. Raven is a creative force and is just what is needed for this month.  You can be sure that Magic is in the air. Magic is afoot with Raven appearing in the west. There may be a certain Magic in the world about you or perhaps you are creating your own magic in the world–or both.  Raven seeks to help you reach into the Mystery and utilize your full potential—those awesome powers hidden in the shadows.

Honor Raven as the bringer of Magic and the light of deeper truths. The blue-black birds represent the cosmos—the void from which all is born. You may have a great deal of energy to accomplish your goals this month. Raven is a bridge to the miraculous.  Be attentive to premonitions. Raven always asks you to be the Magician–a transformer, a changer. But in order to change the world, you must first change your mind and know there are plenty of people who want and need your light, your magical powers, your courage, and your strength.

NORTH. Card number 30, Rabbit. Rabbit’s teaching is about Fear and the power to overcome panic if and when it comes around. You may have some anxious and fearful thoughts creeping into your consciousness in mid-May—it’s possible. You may be more sensitive and reactive than is usual. Rabbit too sometimes becomes very afraid and calls Fear and the Fear materializes and comes running—whatever Fear it is that Rabbit imagines. People do the same becoming obsessive and feeding themselves negative visualizations and then the Fear shows up for real.

In spite of Rabbit often being called the ‘Fear Caller’, Rabbit is also an exemplary warrior. To be sure there are healthy Fears best being heeded. Fear may actually be playing an important role in keeping you safe. But there is a difference between caution and Fear. Stop watching and talking about the horrific things happening in the world. Whenever Fear crops up think about happier times. Instead of trying to control the future, concentrate on doing smaller tasks that are meaningful in your life or the life of others. Do the things that need to be done. Give them your complete attention. Soldier on. Be the conquering warrior claiming victory over Fear.

CENTER. Card Number 13, Coyote. Watch yourself. Be aware and take care because Coyote is the Centering card for May. First of all, Coyote is capable of banishing your gloom so you can get out and have a lot of laughs. But as you probably know Coyote is a magical being capable of turning your life upside-down. May may well be a vexing and tricky month for you to get through so you are likely to be thinking out of the box, or at least you should be because there could be some trips ups in the middle of your path–all compliments of Coyote. Be on your guard and don’t get hoodwinked by the great Trickster.

Just as importantly, be on the lookout for the Coyote inside of you–self-sabotage in other words.  Watch your inner mouth and quit running negativity. You can bet your powerful unconscious is gobbling it up if you do and manifest it in ways that are not particularly rewarding. Aspire to have an inner dialogue that’s lighthearted and on the bright side.

Medicine Card reading for April 2022, by David Carson

Medicine Card reading for April 2022, by David Carson. The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center.

The random card selections were Ant, Opossum, Dragonfly, Squirrel and a centering card, Raccoon in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of April 2022?

East. Card number 32, Ant. Ants are the original mound builders. Inherent in human nature too is the building of great monuments. The ancients have left us many temples, pyramids, and mysterious earthworks. We can see the ancients had amazing technical skills. Some of the temple mounds date back to even later than 3000 BC. Now for the question Ant may be asking you: is there something enduring, great or small—you name it, a monument loosely defined (invention, a business, building, art, performance, music, etc. you long to get accomplished? If your answer is yes, Ant has come along to help you in your pursuit.

Efficiency., industriousness, organizational ability, perseverance, unity, and order are all well-known attributes of Ant. Ant tells you to endure, work hard toward a purpose and have patience. Ants are always busy, always building.  Ant is a steady worker and shows you the way to do some heavy lifting this month. With Ant medicine, you can take on and accomplish huge jobs–those jobs that require a great deal of Patience and effort over a long haul.

SOUTH. Card number 23, Opossum. Possums, as most people call these ancient beings, date back to over fifty million years ago to the time of the dinosaurs. Whatever they have been doing ever since must have worked because Possum is still here and dinosaurs are long gone. Possums are Turtle Island’s only marsupial which means the young are suckled in their mother’s pouch. Possum may be asking you to provide nurture to yourself or others. With Possum energy you may need a break from your usual endeavors in order to get centered and reoriented to your objectives. Follow your intuition and see where it leads. Possums are nocturnal and you may need to plug into the energy of the night to help inspire a project. Meditate, dream and let Possum bring a spike to your sensitivity and instinctual knowing.

Possum feigns death as a strategy for survival, and sometimes being quiet and laying low is a good strategy for us too. Use this technique to take advantage of downtime, regroup and contemplate your next move. If there is something you’ve been thinking about doing, lay low and really think it out. Possum may be telling you to develop a strategy for your next important moves in life—maybe one with less struggle and more energy return. Possum may also be signaling that a diversion is needed in your life, perhaps something as simple as a short trip or vacation to divert yourself from too much seriousness. Let Possum help you strategize, center, and reorganize your approach to your circumstances.

WEST, Card number 27, Dragonfly. Do you suspect it is all a big fake out—an unescapable trick of the mind? Ask Dragonfly for help. Dragonfly is an ephemeral, magical being and represents the medicine of Illusion–all the while teaching one to see beyond appearances. The eye (and the mind) can trick us, so we question and are puzzled about the real nature of things and the continuous change we all experience day-to-day. Dragonfly nudges us toward wisdom and enlightenment by showing us that illusions exist. Analyze and break down the illusions and restrictions you have put upon yourself. Dragonfly draws us closer to Great Mystery.

Some folks call Dragonflies “Snake Doctors.” This makes sense because the dragon is serpentine and the Dragonfly is frequently seen to be hovering around snakes. The habitat of Dragonfly is most often near water—a spring, lake, river, stream, etc. Water is linked to emotion.  Dragonfly may be showing up to help you fix an emotional problem. The shimmering dazzling Dragonfly can help you transition to a new understanding, a new state that is more in the flow. Dragonfly tells you to relax, chill, enjoy the show. And life can certainly be a magic show, a joyride–a romp in the fields of maya.  Easy as she goes in other words—but don’t fight against so-called reality. Embrace it.

NORTH. Card number 26, Squirrel. Squirrels are a cheerful lot and go about their business methodically. Squirrel is the medicine of Gathering on all levels. Get some squirrel smarts. The past is a done deal. Squirrel tells you to honor your future. Life is sometimes erratic and difficult. It doesn’t have to be that way. Set goals and plan how you can accomplish them. Gather what you may need for the times to come. Sock it in, squirrel it away. Be prepared for eventualities. Have what you will need but don’t cling to useless possessions.

Squirrel sometimes warns about a tooth problem so you might want to check with your dentist if you are worried about one. Squirrel has a positive attitude which reduces negativity. Squirrel teaches abundance. Be like Squirrel. Aim to climb high. Don’t accept any obstacles. They have amazing energy. With Squirrel in your cards, you might need or want to have some fun indoors or outdoors. Meditate on Squirrel to help you see what’s in the road ahead—spiritually or materially.

CENTER. Card number 46, Raccoon. It is said that all roads, all ways, all philosophies lead to the center and we should walk our path in this understanding, this wisdom. Raccoon is the centering medicine for April. Consider now Raccoon’s true medicine which is that of a Generous Protector. They provide for the old and the young alike. Raccoon has been called the Robin Hood of the forest. They like to live far back in the deepest tangle woods where dogs don’t hunt. Raccoon tells you to connect with your inner warrior and stand and protect those who are in difficulty or need. Provide for them generously. Raccoon is understandably a symbol for masks. Yet this powerful medicine in this instance may be telling you to unmask and get inside an alter ego—a second self, a self you have hidden from the world.

Raccoon is native to North America but has made her or his way to the Middle East, Central Asia, and parts of Europe—moving out and moving on one might say. Today most people around the globe are aware of Raccoons because Raccoons are experts in the use of psychometry, a form of ESP. Raccoons are able to pick up considerable information by simply touching an object. Raccoon’s humanlike hypersensitive hands are capable of picking up hidden signatures from the past. Go ahead. Try it for yourself. Rub your hands together. See what psychic info you are able to get from holding an object. You may be surprised.

April fool! Raccoons are not noted for psychometry.

Medicine Card reading for March 2022, by David Carson.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center.

The random card selections were Spider, Prairie Dog, Hummingbird, Mountain Lion and a centering card, Jaguar in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of March 2022?

East. Card number 48, Spider. Most of the world’s people believe that to see a Spider means extreme good fortune is coming soon. That could be true for you too if Spider has caught your eye. On the other hand, Spider may be telling you to beware of traps. Don’t get ensnared in other people’s difficulties. Pay attention to your own needs. Spider is the medicine of Weaving. The Navajo people, more properly known as the Dine people, pronounced “{dah neigh” – “neigh” like a horse) believe in a goddess they credit with first thought. From that first thought she, the great creatrix, our Spider Mother, wove the universe. She is the weaver of worlds and she created creation. She is working tirelessly on that tapestry, so it is said. Creation is a work in progress on her loom of time.

Grandmother Spider’s energy can help you in any creative endeavor. Spider medicine brings good medicine aplenty. Feminine power, linguistic skills, artistry, climbing ability, patience, persistence, and the manifestation of wealth and prosperity are just some of the qualities associated with Spider medicine. If you want to get technical, pattern recognition is also a medicine of Spider. They are skilled engineers. Spider web is a binding medicine—catch what you want and bind it and hold it.  Use Spider medicine to connect with your deepest intelligence and to enhance essential connections.

SOUTH. Card number 47, Prairie Dog. Prairie Dogs are not really dogs. They get their name from a noisy barking sound they make. Prairie Dogs are sprightly, gregarious, entertaining, social, happy little creatures most of the time and bring forth the same kind of energy as this. Their home territory was once a lot bigger than Paris and London combined. In pre-Colombian times it is said there were Prairie Dog towns that stretched for hundreds of miles from Oklahoma into Canada, as an example.  There were billions of urban Prairie Dog inhabitants. They have a lot of predators—humans, eagles, hawks, owls and other birds of prey, dogs, coyotes, rattlesnakes, bobcats, foxes, and actual dogs, to name some of them. They were and still are being ruthlessly eradicated but some are protected in National Parks.

Prairie Dogs never stray far from home, not more than a hundred feet or so. That might be good advice for a lot of people these days. It may be to your advantage to stick close to your residence. Prairie Dog’s medicine is Retreat so whenever it is possible for you, take an at-home break—have a kind of staycation. There will be many new possibilities in front of you.  The trick is to see the familiar in a different light. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself and turn off your phone, your computer, and any other detracting noisemakers. Burn a little sage, cedar, and sweetgrass. Bathe yourself in the smoke. Get centered and let your stress, troubles, and woes mix with the wonderful fragrances and be gone. Relax. Focus on you.  Be with you. Be at peace in your niche of the world. Rejuvenation is always possible. Do some deep breathing.  Munch on some of your favorite food. And you can pray or meditate or read some uplifting spiritual literature. Be good to yourself, happy and friendly just like lively Prairie Dogs.

WEST. Card number 44, Hummingbird. Take only a few deep breaths imagining you are breathing in a bright red, that is to say the favorite color of Hummingbirds. Hummingbird is the medicine of Joy and this bodes well for you this month. Whenever Hummingbird is around, love and light are in play. Think of the beautiful rainbow bird that darts through negativity. Boost your vibration. Be open to new experiences. Let the powers of Hummingbird lift you up and open your heart to the Joy of love. If you are seeking love, ask Hummingbird to bring it on. Wear a bit of the color red—but just a little smidgen, not too much. A little bit should do the trick.

Hummingbirds are unique in their maneuverability, and they are able to fly fast and straight, hover in one spot, fly upside down and backward. They are territorial and they can be very protective of their space. They got game and they got the moves. Hummingbird medicine can help you be at home in the various shifting facets of our present-day material culture, buoy you up so to speak, with a lightness of spirit while helping you to keep your energy high and joyful.

NORTH. Card number 17, Mountain Lion. Mountain Lions are a diminishing population from Canada to southern South America. Maybe that’s why there is such a lack of competent Leadership. Mountain Lion tells you that YOU are the leader you have been waiting for. These American Lions are native to the Americas and make their home anywhere there is large game. Mountain Lions are agile and can be swift, fierce, and savage. Mountain Lions have great strength. Because they are Mountain Lions they often live in the mountains where no one else can climb—that’s rather like what a leader does. Great leaders get above the fray. They’ve already been there. They’ve done that and they have seen the world from the mountain top. Their Leadership and authority are unquestionable.

Mountain Lions have keen intuition and will naturally take charge of every situation. Real Leaders are visionaries. They have honesty and integrity. They automatically inspire one to do their best. People gladly follow the cougar’s lead. Mountain Lion combines intention with power—the power of accomplishment. All to say leadership is a role you may have to assume at some point this month. Believe in your own abilities and be ready for this eventuality.

CENTER. Card number 51, Jaguar. Whoa! Jaguar comes bounding into the picture to emphasize your responsibility to your personal power. Jaguar is the medicine of Integrity and Impeccability—a lot of big cat medicine here and with the previous Mountain Lion card. Jaguar is symbolic of abundance and protection. Jaguar brings in ferociousness. Never doubt it and never lower your vibration for anyone. This magnificent feline possesses mesmerizing beauty as well as unflinching raw power seen in her every act. To lock eyes with the mirrored eyes of Jaguar is to experience an unshakable will–an impact you won’t soon forget.

Jaguar is a transformative medicine. Be open to change. With Jaguar appearing as a centering card, you will have to walk your talk for the month of March. No fudging. A Jaguar stays focused. Jaguar is said to have two sets of eyes and is depicted that way in Mesoamerican art. This means Jaguar has second sight and the gift of remote viewing and telepathy—great gifts to writers, poets, and artists of any kind. Second sight is often a doubling, both a seeing and a manifesting. Jaguar power may be bringing you spiritual healing and because matter follows spirit, there will be physical healing as well.

Medicine Card reading for February 2022, by David Carson

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center.

The random card selections were Grouse, Beaver, Bear, Antelope, and a centering card, Swan in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of February 2022?

East. Card number 34, Grouse. Grouse is the medicine of Sacred Spiral. The old ones tell it this way when explaining Grouse Medicine teachings.  Our world is a kettle being stirred. It is as though we are doing a hoop dance inside this turning energy– going around and around.  Be sure to keep on good terms with the winds. You do this by giving your visible prayers in the form of smoke to the four directions (four winds). In any case, be grateful for the air we breathe and the atmospheric spirits.

Grouse medicine tells us we are all swirling and not all Spirals are bad—far from it.  A Spiral never ends.  Knowingly or unknowingly we whirl. We evolve and revolve. Planets and galaxies spiral through the cosmos.  We are in a cosmic spin above in the sky and we are in an earth spin here below. Your DNA is a spiral. Sacred Spirals are fundamental to being.  Best learn how to spin your energy and spin your medicine in good ways.  You may want to do some simple, safe, counterclockwise spins, spirals if you will, preferably in the early morning in order to get in sync with the dervishing energies pouring in in February. If it makes you dizzy or uncomfortable, stop it immediately and do some other easy exercise instead.

SOUTH. Card number 22, Beaver. The Beaver are a tribe of master builders, transformers. Never interfere with their constructions. Their dams have a transcendent power and their work is often necessary for the ecosystem to function as it should. Let Beaver bump up your work ethic. With Beaver in your cards, you may have a surge of productivity. The spirit of Beaver may help you greatly improve your living situation. You can alter your life and easily make important changes not just for you but for others as well. With Beaver, you will want to network because Beaver works well with others. You may plunge into work projects and be startled at your practical results.

We are in the midst of change. No need to get emotional about it. If the old familiar structures are not working in your life, ask Beaver’s spirit to help you build a new structure. Start from the here and now. Roll up your sleeves and do what you need to do. Make a blueprint. Lay the groundwork. Beaver may be telling you to make a strong new foundation that supports all areas of your life. Stabilize, balance, and get busy – do what is necessary to shape a better future for yourself, your clan, and the planet. We are all in this process together.

WEST. Card number 5, Bear. Bear, according to various elders and teachers, is our closest ancestor—a wise grandmother or grandfather in a fancy fur coat. Bear is always considered to be a most powerful shaman and deserves our utmost respect. Bear may bring you an important dream or vision this month. Bear card in the west is auspicious. Bear keeps the Looks-Within medicine of Introspection and holds powerful medicines for those who hunger for self-knowledge. Bear says to spend some time alone. Bear may also be telling you to spend some time in meditation, settling your mind, finding equipoise, and keeping yourself mentally and physically fit.

Bear card is a mothering card, especially in the West position. It means now more than ever, whether you are female or male, become a nurturing mother and nurture yourself. This means to love yourself unconditionally, give yourself encouragement from your strong nurturing mother within. Be tough in tough times. Protect yourself from harshness in a callused world. Invest in you. Be there for you. Nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Forgive and heal the past. You can change your life for the better with Bear’s inner understanding and guidance.

NORTH. Card number 37, Antelope. Antelope medicine is ancient. The Prong-horned Antelope has been on Turtle Island for many millions of years. There are few faster animals on earth. Their medicine is quick and efficient Action. If you feel stuck and don’t know what to do, call on Antelope spirit for power to act—to make the leap. Long ago Antelope showed humans what they had to do to survive and thrive and the key was to take Action.

Antelope reminds us that we must work for wisdom. We must push beyond the known, beyond our limiting beliefs. Explore and you will find that there are fewer barriers than we may think if we make Action our constant. Antelope may be showing up to help you in your job or occupation or in some endeavor you are making. It may be time to consider your options and make an important move. You may need to be quick to seize a wonderful new opportunity coming your way.

CENTER. Card number 39, Swan. Swan is a particularly good medicine for these times and with Swan as your centering medicine, it is particularly strong now. Swan ushers in a certain tranquility and is able to open wide your heart chakra. Swan teaches you to bring grace into your life. Walk in beauty and bring beauty into your living situation. Swan looks into the deep blue lake mirror and sees its own stunning image—the very soul of beauty and the mystery of being. Swan tells you to follow your heart. Swan has a sympathetic and empathetic magic quality. Swan is a love medicine and your love life may be especially happy now. Or you may find a perfect mate.

There are many planes of consciousness. Swan is at home in most of them. Swan may herald a transformation. You may be having glimpses of a new future. Trust in Great Spirit’s plan for you. Become aware of your beautiful inner self. Swan will always help you to achieve harmony and sublime happiness. If you have recently lost someone or something greatly important to you, then chances are Swan has come along to help you cope and get through it and to remind you that love rules and that love is forever. Swans mate for life and are an emblem of love. It may seem difficult right now in our world but strive to see the beauty of the planet and the people around you. This is truly a beautiful world and human beings are truly beautiful. Don’t give in to fear-mongering – hold to beauty. With Swan as your centering card know that you are evolving spiritually each day this month and that all will turn out well and be so, so beautiful.

Medicine Card reading for January 2022, by David Carson.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center.

The random card selections were Hawk, Butterfly, Rabbit, Deer, and a centering card, Snake in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of January 2022?

EAST. Card number 2, Hawk. There is hidden wisdom in the cry of a Hawk. Hawk is a guardian and protector of Mother Earth and of all of her children, that means you, me, and all her animal children. To all, she gives a special blessing. Hawks are sacred and their feathers have many powers such as projecting power or bringing you intellectual understanding. Hawk is a Messenger of the above world and often Hawk’s message is urging you to become your higher self, reminding you as it were of who you really are. Hawk is sending you signals in January. Keep yourself open and awake so you will be able to hear and act upon them.

Hawk soars into your consciousness to show you a new way, to let you lean forward. Hawk gives you a renewed voice. Hawk will guide you. You may be a visionary, a dreamer, a person not entirely of this world but of another, a knower, a clairvoyant, a prophetic voice perhaps. Following your dreams and visions can be a lonely road but do not despair or abandon them. Your dreams are meant to be pursued even in the face of uncertainty. Their mysterious power comes from your heart. They are meant to join with the beating heart of our world, the heart of all creation. That is Hawk’s Message to you to begin this month.

SOUTH. Card number 9, Butterfly. Put a little chip of wood in the palm of your hand. Hold it a moment. It connects you to the standing people—all the trees great and small and to all other plant life, the green and growing realm—no negative energies here. Butterfly knows the plant world well. And Butterfly comes along at this point in your physical and spiritual evolution to tell you to seek clarity, to be still, to be patient, enjoy the moment, and to listen for nudges. Then act. You know it—a change is surely coming for you. But don’t worry about it– Butterfly can and will assist you in finding the next step on your personal path of Transformation.

Fight any battles you may be having with the good medicines of Butterfly. What’s your story anyway? What story have you molded yourself into in order to fit in? Butterfly will help you break that mold. Break it like the butterfly coming out of its cocoon. It is time for you to tell yourself a brand new and different story about who you really are. During the coldest times of winter go and stand at the base of the Butterfly tree in your spirit, in your mind, in your imagination. Become a beautiful Butterfly Warrior climbing the wind, skipping, darting, and dancing over the flowers. Now is the time to become impulsive, free, lovely, and unpredictable like a Butterfly. Let your new story feed you with wonderful new powers. Know that spring is coming. Find beauty at every turn. Love your life and all the people in it—with a new creative story about you.

WEST. Card number 30, Rabbit. January reminds us to give-away to our friends and relatives if only a kind word and a remembrance of the bond you share. Rabbit in some indigenous cultures is associated with strong alcoholic drink. Before Columbus “discovered America.” Mexico and Central America had over forty different kinds of alcoholic drinks—oh yeah. “Drunken Rabbits’ referred to the God of Pulque, a drink rather like beer. There was Coyol wine, Balche for instance, and a drink made from morning glory called Xtabentun. There were many drinks made from fermented corn. It’s human nature to want to drink, get loose, and have fun. Okay, be jolly and all that but Rabbit may be a warning not to imbibe too much during the holiday season. If you go out to party have a sane and sober designated party to get you home safely.

Rabbit is a powerful trickster working overtime nowadays. Don’t let Rabbit trick your mind into being paranoid and fearful for any reason. Don’t hit the alarm button too fast. Rabbit is a good lesson. Rabbit tells you to stop feeding Fear with your energy. Stop stressing and don’t call your Fears into being. Don’t bolt at some imagined danger. Calm yourself. Don’t follow the Rabbit down the Rabbit hole. Don’t go there. Be strong, be brave, be a warrior and face your Fear when you have called it to you. We are responsible for what shows up in our life and we need to deal with it. There are actual Fears that need to be dealt with immediately to be sure. But Rabbit has come along to help you quit manifesting those self-created Fears you don’t need.

NORTH. Card number 4, Deer. Maybe you are being over-sensitive. You may even have deep depression and grudges against everyone–lots of issues. If so then take a timeout especially if you find yourself being gruff, impatient, and quick to anger. You need Deer big medicine in times like these. Gentle down easy. Deer teaches the good way—the path to peace, tranquility, and happiness, self-love and loving-kindness–love for others, love for yourself, and love for all of creation.

Deer is said to be the first healer, instructing the first medicine person. The Deer told him to take a part of her breath and to go and blow it on the sick. You will be able to heal sickness this way, Deer said. Deer are associated with the heart (love), earthy, and yet cosmic in nature—in touch with all the beauty and subtleties of life. Deer asks you to live on the bright side, find your own bright light within, and manifest it without through kindness, empathy, and compassion. In other words, play nice. Start being nice right now and never quit being thoughtful and nice. You won’t regret it.

CENTER. Card number 6, Snake. Snake brings in a profound creative life force in January. Take advantage of this at your center. Snake also brings balance. Be centered in Snake’s energy all month. The diamond-shaped triangle is a familiar motif in Native American decorative art and represents the diamondback rattlesnake with all its formidable powers. Rattle Doctor Snake could be telling you to face some anxiety you are having. You may need to revise your self-concepts. Stop clutching and see where the flow takes you. Let those constricting ideas go like a snake sheds its skin. Let your ego be gone. You are no doubt transmuting to a higher self. You are becoming hyper-aware of the changes occurring all around you in the new normal as well as in your inner world. Snake helps you to change your energy in positive ways.

January lands on us like a wake-up splash of clean winter air. Like the snake, you may have to hibernate for a time and let your dreams catch up with you. In Native America, there are dreaming societies, members who believe their dreams can help shape reality. I will dream for you. Maybe you will dream for me. Make the biggest change you can make this New Year. Change your mind. Change your attitude to one of positivity and optimism for the future. Know that the good medicine spirits are working with you at all times. January is the perfect month to mid-wife and bring forth the realization of some mission you hold sacred or essential to you but you have been repressing taking action on it because of doubt and timidity. Drop your reticence on the ground. Kick away your doubt. Go for it. Go for broke but don’t go broke. Keep your expenditures reasonable.