Monthly Animalscopes 2021

Medicine Card reading for December 2021, by David Carson.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center.

The random card selections were Fox, Owl, Frog, Coyote, and a centering card, Eagle in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of December 2021?

EAST. Card number 25, Fox. Nature has an endless palette. Many animals can change themselves to match their environment. Foxes are such animals, noted for being able to vanish before your very eyes—now you see them and now you don’t. Fox is a magical being, a shapeshifter, a mysterious creature that has many fabled powers. Ask Fox for protection, healing, and opportunities to get rich.

Fox may be asking you to address something you are refusing to see or it could be something you are not doing to rekindle and refresh your spirit—perhaps visiting with a friend or going to someplace that is sacred or important to you–a shrine or a temple perhaps or some other power spot in nature where you can be in touch with your deepest most authentic and connected self. Energizing your spirit is the idea here. Recharge and gain in understanding. See your life from different perspectives. See different aspects and new possibilities. Call on Fox to help you see that which is not easily seen so you will always be able to make more informed choices.

SOUTH. Card number 21, Owl. Your dreams may be able to help you this month. Owl can open the door to magic and the spirit world. Owl gives flashes of sudden understanding. Owl medicine can reverse bad luck and offers protection from adverse influences. Owl is noted for its lunar and terrestrial powers. Owl is often called Night Eagle who is a friend to all women. Let the bird-of-night protect you from envidia—envy. With Owl vision you will always recognize and know the truth of what is being concealed from you.

Owl is befriending you and sharing her medicine power with you so be like the wise Owl in December. Be a silent astute observer. Watch for omens and signals from nature. Use your intuition this month which will be particularly strong, especially at night. Owl may give you a highly important dream message so pay attention.

WEST. Card number 38, Frog. Frog is the old riverbank philosopher and entertainer. Frogs are guardians of fertility. They prevent loss and create abundance. In various Native American myths, Frog created the rains that bathe and cleanse the earth. If you have questions about Cleansing, put them to the Frog spirit. With its green cloak of moss, the rainmaker Frog is a symbol for the cleaning up process and getting your life shipshape. Frog refreshes us with the feeling of a clean new start.

Frog is the medicine of Cleansing on all planes. Don’t make it complicated. Get rid of the unneeded baggage you’ve been hauling around forever. Simplify, organize and get your life and living space in good working order. When you are unencumbered from all the dead weight you can move on and level out and live on an even keel, more at one and with balance. Cleansing creates space for healthy mental and spiritual work. When you get done straightening up your environment, spruce yourself up as well. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Take deep breaths of gratitude after a rain or snow. See how your life changes after releasing your clutter and excess.

NORTH. Card number 13, Coyote. The North card in the Medicine Wheel spread is important. Coyote appearing in the North is a sign that nature’s Trickster is stirring up some mischief in all areas this month. Be prepared for hijinks and slight mayhem. The master Trickster is telling you something else too. Now is the time to learn how to be adaptable like a Coyote. Coyotes are survivors. They know every survival trick and are always inventing new ones. But then again Coyotes can be so wiley and so tricky they will eventually trick themselves.

Coyote has come into the December reading to tell us to be creative and imaginative in our dealings and not to be manipulated by the great Trickster. Coyotes appear to us for a purpose. They let us see them because if they didn’t want to be seen they would not be. Coyote could be telling us to get back on track. Coyote reminds us to be impeccable and aware at all times. Elders will tell you that Coyotes are holy. Maybe so. Coyote reminds us to laugh at the whole situation and that is sometimes the best medicine.

CENTER. Card number 1, Eagle. Our world, our planet is in a time of divine change and transition. Eagle as a center card tells us that Spirit is at the center, our center, and the center of everything. Let Eagle fly this month—let the Great Eagle Spirit be the guiding force of all the conflicting and complicated energies at play. Stay centered in Eagle’s mystic power. Eagle frees us and leads us to boundless new vistas and opportunities. Eagle teaches autonomy and that we often must fly alone. Have the courage to think for yourself and do the right thing. It is always good medicine to have the awe-inspiring Eagle at the center of your wheel.

Eagle is a most powerful medicine bird and can awaken the fires of your Spirit if you will but let it. Open your spiritual eyes and see the sacred in all things. Eagle tells you that what you think is far from you or even farfetched and unattainable, is much closer to you than you might realize. Affirm and visualize what it is you want. Spread your wings. Believe in your abilities and do what you need to do in order to get what you want. Do all the necessary work as best you can. Ask Eagle power to be with you and to bestow its medicines upon you. Eagle teaches the path of the warrior and with Eagle’s help, you may be able to manifest your desires so long as they are aligned with your inner spiritual compass.

Medicine Card reading for November 2021, by David Carson.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center.

The random card selections were Whale, Bear, Swan, Turtle, and a centering card, Mountain Lion in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of November 2021?

EAST. Card number 41, Whale. In Native American myth, the Whale is said to have come from the stars. Whale is the oldest and largest mammal on earth so it is no wonder the Whale has an incredible largess of spirit. They are carriers of ancient knowledge. Whale tells you to listen to the sounds the Multiverse wants you to hear because the Multiverse, the infinite universes within our own, is on your side for the month of November.

Use your communication skills this month. Be friendly, confident in your ability to get your point across, always showing kindness and empathy. November could also be a very good time to do some artistic endeavor or a writing project you have been putting off. Whale’s emanations are one of the earth’s essential power songs. Honor this giant of the waters. If you are lucky enough to see one give thanks. You are near to finding your own personal power song that can greatly help you if times get rough.

SOUTH. Card number 5, Bear. Bear was once the prevailing power on Earth. But Bear was lazy and wouldn’t stand up and deal with it while we humans stood upright and became dominant. Still, Bear is thought to be our closest relative in spirit and has many extraordinary powers. Bear tells you to be observant outside and inside. Bear gives you the looks-within medicine, a subjective means of knowing yourself. This is the road visionaries, mystics and shamans take to find realization.

Bear hibernates and dreams the winter long. Now might be a good time for you to take some time to mull over your personal reality for the last year or so–see the big picture. Write everything down so that you may analyze it. Realize that you don’t have to make the same mistakes the next time around. You can become more efficient and effective in the future. There are many lessons you might glean from a deep introspective life overview. The greatest lesson may be to be grateful each and every day.

WEST. Card number 39, Swan. Swan is a very high spiritual being often flying even higher than the Eagle. Swan’s teaching is to let Great Spirit’s plan for you unfold without judgment or forcing it. Surrender to the cosmos and let a higher dynamic kick in and do the work. Eureka! You will soon find gladness of heart and bring harmony, grace, and beauty into every situation.

You may become hyperaware of a problem or a certain person or both. Swan has medicines that can benefit you if you are having problems adjusting to the uncertainties of change. Become conscious of your inner beauty and let it permeate your being. Let it radiate from you to others and you will find you are adapting in a positive way to whatever life throws at you. Have such faith in yourself that you are willing to fall backward into the arms of Great Mystery—metaphorically speaking of course.

NORTH. Card number 10, Turtle. Turtle is the old one, the aware one, the enduring and experienced one. Go slow to go fast is often said when explaining Turtle medicine. Proper understanding of this medicine can increase your longevity. If your energy is low and flagging, ask the Turtle spirit to give you strength and endurance.

Think turtleness. Turtle can mean a positive renewal or a new beginning in some area of your life. Turtle carries it—potent earth medicines. Touch the earth for power and medicine. It starts with you. Do something that will make you happy. Your happiness in turn makes the earth happy. Open your eyes to the glory of nature. Fake everyone out and free yourself from “I should.” And while you are at it, free yourself from “you should” too. Develop a joyful attitude for living in the beauty of the moment and take your time in savoring it.

CENTER. Card number 17, Mountain Lion. Mountain Lions teach leadership. True leaders are capable, enthusiastic, strong, worthy, and compassionate. As your centering card for November, Mountain Lion tells you to put yourself front and center and be a leader. It’s not easy to incarnate on this earth in a human body. Congratulations, you won the lottery on that one. It’s a huge accomplishment. Don’t throw it away. Get excited about you and your own life. Take charge of it and make it count. Be a leader with solutions and not problems.

Mountain Lion may send you an inspiring vision as if you have been to the very top of the mountain and had revelations, seeing what is possible. Embrace the qualities that make you you. Focus on what you want and begin stalking it. Make sure it is really what you want. If it is, have the self-confidence and courage to go for it. If your goal is difficult, so much the better. You can then appreciate it all the more once you achieve your objective.

Medicine Card reading for October 2021, by David Carson.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center.

The random card selections were Mouse, Wolf, Dolphin, Squirrel, and a centering card, Possum in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of October 2021?

EAST. Card number 20, Mouse. Mouse medicine reminds us that little things mean a lot. Be attentive. Be careful. Get it right. It is the old “scritch scritch” this month so get the little jobs done–meaning get them done thoroughly. Check and recheck them. Be engaged. Make sure it’s exactly the way you want it when the work is finished.

The big picture is important but by paying attention to the little things many of the big things will take care of themselves. The devil is in the details—scrutinize the details. Nothing forgotten or missed. Be like the little mouse and chew things to pieces.

SOUTH. Card number 15, Wolf. Wolf has appeared to give you new perspectives and new solutions. Wolves can show you the way to a personal transformation. Wolf, the great teacher, has many powerful medicines to pass along to you. Have strong relationships with your friends. You may similarly be drawn to spending some time with your family. If you can manage this, turn off devices. Prepare and eat a meal together. Play some games. Go on a long walk together. Strive to learn from one another. If your family is far away there is always Zoom which can be a really fun substitute.

You may be teeming with new ideas this month—all good. You may have a lean and hungry look, that is if you are in sync with your instincts. Trust yourself. Push a bit. Take chances. Play a little. Howl. Plow through any restrictions. You know you know the path and you know you can point the way for others.

WEST. Card number 40, Dolphin. Dolphin has a life force that seems to be joyful! A prophetic seer Dolphin faces life with playfulness and joy—hint hint. Lighten up. Relax. Be flexible in the currents of these changing times. Dolphin is reminding you that you can gracefully go with the flow and have fun doing it.

If you have anxiety take a deep rhythmic breath. In fact, take several deep breaths. Dolphin teaches you how to bring manna into your life. Many spiritual traditions teach us to understand and use our breathing for health, happiness, and enlightenment. Because of breath, all creatures are bound together as one. Practice breath control if you want to feel your best. Grab some manna, life energy, and make it your own.

NORTH. Card number 26, Squirrel. In one Choctaw myth, the eccentric Black Squirrel ate the sun causing the world to go dark. That must have been like eating a big bowl of blowtorch chili, so hot the lights blew. I’m glad the Moon came back to shine its light and cool things off. Accordingly, the Sun reemerged, and Day and Night returned to normal after the Choctaw shooed the Black Squirrel away.

Squirrel teaches the art of Gathering. Do you have what you need? “If not, better gather it up,” Squirrel says. List what you need to squirrel away so that it is available to you when you need it. Don’t be greedy. Save only what you will need. Save not only goods but let Squirrel help you to learn how to save and store your energy. Don’t sit around waiting for something bad to happen. Be ready for today and in your wisdom plan for the future. Be prepared for a sudden change. Squirrel teaches us how to squirrel away but not to hoard. Gather only what you will need. You may want to safeguard some loot while you are at it, some spendable spot cash money.

CENTER. Card number 23, Opossum. Opossum wraps his tail around a tree branch and hangs upside-down. This is an unfamiliar position, a contrary position. Opossum holds this place as your centering card for October. Opossum Card means for you to take a serious look at your diversions, distractions, and digressions—those energies that take you away from your everyday responsibilities and sense of achievement. Possum tells you to quit wasting time playing catch up with your feelings of being left behind. If you constantly feel this way, you might want to consider doing some soul retrieval work.

Possum Medicine often gives you a glimpse of the inverse. Now is a time when you can hang upside-down, metaphorically speaking, and see your situation from an altogether different point of view. Opossum medicine allows insights to bubble up from your unconscious. Possum is an accomplished strategist and tells you to develop strategies to meet probable events that are stalking you. So that’s one big job for October—planning how to meet near-certain eventualities.

Medicine Card reading for September 2021, by David Carson.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread, with a card placed in each of the cardinal directions, East, South, West, and  North, and a Centering card which is placed in the center.

The question: what are the best Medicine guides for the month of September 2021? The random card selections were Porcupine, Hawk, Horse, Dog, and a centering card, Raven in that order.

EAST. Card number 12, Porcupine. Porcupine medicine is telling you to have faith and trust this month, to face the world with an innocent and open heart. Tell the truth and treasure the people who tell you the truth.  Honesty is priceless. The card can also be telling you to seek your inner child for aid and comfort. Restore your curiosity and playfulness and find glee in new experiences.  Honor the wonder of life.  Don’t entangle yourself in the chaos and suffering of these harsh and momentous times. Take a break from the media with all its frantic seriousness. Instead, let Porcupine unlock your lightheartedness of spirit and find something impeccable to occupy your time.

SOUTH. Card number 2, Hawk. Listen to the messenger. Hawk will be sending you signals this month. Pay close attention to synchronicities and messages coming through. Close your eyes. Be receptive and become hyperaware.  Listen. Don’t make noise internally or externally. Sharpen your ears and senses and hear communications coming from other planes. You may be surprised you have a message right in front of you waiting for you to receive it. The message may relate to your well-being. It may show you that you can touch with the highest of powers and be able to see a clear and concise way out of your difficulties.

WEST. Card number 35, Horse. A person does not own a horse, they become one with the Spirit of the horse, wild and free. Horses protect their keeper’s spirit. They are a source of prestige and wealth. Horse Medicine bestows personal power and balanced energy. Be grateful that Horse is there for you. You could surge ahead this month and accomplish great things with a synergistic boost from the Horse spirit.

Horse will take you there and back and help you with your burdens along the way. Horses are intuitive. Horse Medicine will tell you when to gallop away from danger, and when to charge into it and be victorious.

NORTH. Card number 14, Dog. Medicine men and women, as was often said, stand in the place of the Dog–the place of the servant.  Along with their helping spirits, prayers, power songs, and other medicines, medicine people perform sacred ceremonies to bring about healing. Healing was and is a spiritual act.

Bring Dog’s exuberance into your everyday life.  Join Dog’s circle of limitless love. Dogs are incapable of guile yet they will guard and protect you with their lives—no questions asked. They are devoted and courageous.  With Dog medicine let your heart be your guide. Dog medicine means loyalty and service to others. Dogs trust their instincts. They beg the question, who or what are you loyal to? You don’t have to think twice about it. You know your loyalties and make a pledge to always honor them.

CENTER. Card number 16, Raven. Ravens are highly sensitive and have empathy picking up on the subtle aspects of every situation, Raven in the Centering position tells you to center yourself in Magic—whatever Magic means to you. Trickster, changer, transformer, teacher, Raven brings you serious magical abilities. Expect change in September with Raven as your centering card.  Raven has been known to rearrange things so be prepared for the unexpected to happen. With Raven, you may suddenly discover that magic and mystery are all around you.

Raven makes you realize that you too are a carrier of supernatural magic. Born from the black of the black, the primeval darkness, the void, Raven can coax secrets from Shadows and let you know everything. Ask Raven for insights. Raven is a powerful ally and can help you with healing and the manifesting of your desires. Raven gives you courage and adaptability. Receive the good medicine powers of Raven and trust the power of Magic.

Medicine Card reading for August 2021, by David Carson.

The card reading uses a simple four-direction Medicine Wheel Spread with an East card (1), a South card (2), a West card (3), a North card (4), and a Centering card (5), which is placed in the center.

The random card selections were Crow, Hummingbird, Wolf, Butterfly, and a centering card, Moose in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of August 2021?

EAST. Card number 24, Crow. Crow is like a shadow on the ground that suddenly wakes up. Let the Crow come and liberate you from judgments you may have pronounced upon yourself or upon others. Quit holding on to beliefs that no longer serve you and are long out of step with your personal growth. Dial down your superego. Get out of the shadows and get out into the sunshine of life.

SOUTH. Card number 44, Hummingbird. Hummingbird may similarly be telling you to move into life in some new way. Seize the day, and despite all the apparent obstacles, find joy. True Shaman will tell you joy is the path to freedom. Hummingbird is telling you to track your bliss and make it your own.

Hummingbird is also a great warrior. You may have to put on some war paint and face into some of your fears this month in order to get past them. With Hummingbird medicine, you can meet all challenges and stand your ground from the position of an enlightened warrior.

WEST. Card number 15, Wolf. Wolf has explored all the paths of earth. If you have somehow lost your knowing and drifted off of the path that is meant for you, ask the Wolf medicine to give you nudges that will get you through any entanglements and get you back on your right path.

The learning roads are the Wolf roads. Always try to find the best teacher for what it is you want to learn. Conversely, Wolf may be saying you should be teaching and sharing information of some kind. Perhaps you should be writing a blog or put up a podcast on YouTube or do some sort of instructional writing or counseling. As is said, you learn the most when you are teaching.

NORTH. Card number 9, Butterfly. Butterfly, a card signifying transformation, has beauty and grace during its final stages but is changed significantly from its life as a caterpillar. When we encounter a butterfly it reminds us we are always in some phase of personal transformation. Butterfly says it is time for you to take notice of where you are in your becoming.

Perhaps it is time to reimagine yourself and your place in the world. Hold your own desired self-image and soak in a nice warm bath. Give your ego to the water. Let that delusional ego-self drain away. Ask the butterfly spirit to help you break out of your cocoon to become who you truly are.

CENTER. Card number 11, Moose. Moose, the centering card for this reading, is a big front-and-center guy, the largest member of the deer family. Moose is independent, strong, and imposing. Moose comes on the scene and gets the attention of everyone. When Moose appears it is time to consider your self-esteem and your feelings of self-worth. What is your attitude toward yourself? Look inside at your inner landscape. Forgive yourself completely, totally for any perceived faults or failures. Ask the Moose spirit to guide you in this.

For the month of August try using Moose medicine. Do not compare yourself with other people. You are unique. Go about your business but step up and put yourself first when appropriate. Do more things you enjoy, the things that make you happy within the context of your situation. Take good care of yourself. Take pride in any work you have done or are doing. Go easy. Look in the mirror. Give yourself a lot of credit because you deserve it. And don’t forget to give yourself some of the unconditional love you unselfishly give to others.

Medicine Card reading for July 2021, by David Carson.

The random card selections were Buffalo, Skunk, Hummingbird, Eagle, and a centering card, Snake in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of July 2021?

EAST. Card number 19, Buffalo. Buffalo signifies abundance and prayers lifted to Mystery, prayers answered and prayers that may soon be answered. Buffalo medicine is always food for your spirit. Traditional prayer honors every spiritual pathway—all our relations, so it is said. Buffalo card may be asking you to open up your connection to Great Mystery and give prayer a chance.

Look upward to the east. Lift your arms to Father Sky and pray for strength, wisdom, courage, and the ability to recognize the truth and beauty that surrounds you. Ask for all your needs to be met and for abundance to flow seamlessly into your life—enough so that you will be able to share wisely. Starting off the month with a heartfelt prayer is the idea here.

SOUTH. Card number 7, Skunk. Suppose you want to make a lasting impression with someone this month. Skunk medicine may be the way to do it. Call on the skunk medicine spirit to be with you in any interaction you may have with this person. Old White Stripe, the skunk, commands respect on all levels—physically, mentally and in spirit. With the spirit of skunk by your side, you will similarly command respect.

Ask the skunk to enhance your reputation in various ways in your everyday world. Remember to show respect and it will return to you. Possibly, you may need to get involved in a complicated and vexing situation sometime during the month. Strive for clarity. Do your best to be confident, centered and do be respectful.

WEST. Card number 14, Hummingbird. Hummingbirds seek the nourishment and beauty of flowers. They lap up the sweet nectars of life. Hummingbird carries jewel-like rainbow colors and is associated with love medicine because hummingbirds open the heart. Truly, a heart full with love will make your day glisten with magic and delight.

Hummingbirds are said to be vibrant wizards that dispense peace, strength, love, joy, happiness and many other positive qualities to all those with opened spiritual eyes. Hummingbird in the west says to seek these qualities within yourself and walk the beauty road. Keep beauty in front of you this month and all should be well.

NORTH. Card number 1, Eagle. For eons, Eagle has soared high over Turtle Island. Eagle frees us and inspires us to become spiritual warriors. A spiritual warrior, female or male, is a Chief who walks last and picks up the burdens of the people—one who is in service and dedicated to the highest good for all. Accordingly, the clear-sighted Eagle gives us the gift of transcendence and the courage we need to be a spiritual warrior.

Eagle card in the north may mean you are going to receive some high honor or accolade near the end of the month.

CENTER. Card number 6. Snake. Snakes are frightening to some people—really scary. To the ancients, however, snakes were a symbol for healing and because of the shedding of their skin–change. If changes come, roll with them. Leave the past behind. Make change your ally. Snakes are said to be the umbilical cord to the birth of wisdom. Imagine you have the powers of the snake.  Set the snake to move in, under, over, and through any intellectual quandary, situation, problem, or difficulty. You may then be able to bring harmony and balance back into the equation.

Be aware of your health all month long and do whatever is necessary to protect it. Drink lots of water and get plenty of shuteye. Spend time outdoors and say hello to any wildlife you may encounter.

Medicine Card reading for June 2021, by David Carson.

The random card selections were Dragonfly, Jaguar, Alligator, Lynx and a centering card, Elk, in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of June 2021.

EAST. Card number 27, Dragonfly. Dragonfly asks us to consider maya—illusion, what appears to be but may not be the case in the manifestations of our impermanent world. The appearance of Dragonfly may well mean you have the power to manage perceptions, that is to say, you may be able to project an illusion, to bring enchantment into a drab or mundane state of affairs. You may now be able to radiate good cheer to those around you and make it stick for a long time.

SOUTH. Card number 51, Jaguar. Jaguar’s spots are related to the sun. You might want to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Jaguar’s medicine is impeccability. If you find yourself slipping or backsliding from your ideal self while going about in your day-to-day world, call on Jaguar medicine to bring you back into sync. Jaguar is always impeccable and integrity is Jaguar’s exact essence. In fact, it may be time for you to be impeccable in word, thought, and deed.

WEST. Card number 50, Alligator. Alligator is the watcher, the old one, the pure one, the ancient one who keeps forgotten memories as well as the knowledge of many other universes and realities. She lives in the changing waters of the mysterious swamps and bayous. You might want to submerge into your own deep self to take a look around. Bathe in the waters of change. You may come back to your everyday world refreshed, a new person—a person ready to face all the challenges of existence and prevail.

NORTH. Card number 18, Lynx. The way they tell it is this way. Lynx climbed the stars to the tipi of Great Spirit at the end of the universe. Once there, Lynx tore open the door flap and went inside unannounced. The blinding light of the Great Spirit hit him full force. That moment, it is said, the Lynx knew everything. With this medicine, you may suddenly know everything too. Secrets will be exposed. What is hidden or lost you can easily find. You may feel rather solitary and remote but you can resolve most any mystery this month.

CENTER. Card number 3, Elk. The centering card melds all the directional medicines indicating the needs of your True Self at this time. Elk is a perfect centering card because Elk teaches the wise use of energy. Elk as a centering card may be telling you to finish projects and tie up loose ends—to clear the decks, so to speak. Examine your diet. Perhaps now is the time to begin a program of diet and exercise but don’t overdo it. Pace yourself. Elk is a long-distance runner. Elk gives you the stamina to get through this month with flying colors.

Medicine Card reading for May 2021, by David Carson.

The random card selections were Snake, Deer, Hawk, Frog, and a centering card, Turkey in that order. The question: what are the best medicines to consider for the month of May 2021?

EAST. Card number 6, Snake speaks of balance of energy and focus of energy. When a snake strikes, it does so with great precision and amplified power. Keep this in mind as you meet your challenges at the beginning of the month. Snake may be telling you to use your creative energy to make a change in some situations or stalemates. Snake may be telling you to get some fresh air and sunshine. Perhaps do some easy qigong exercises or take a nice walk in an area you have never been before. Remember our nourishing earth.

SOUTH. Card number 4, Deer tells you to bring gentleness and peace–kindness, if you will, into your everyday encounters. Open your eyes of compassion. Be centered. Stay loving, which includes self-love. Certainly, you can reach out to the people who touch your heart and enliven your spirit. In fact, you can ask the deer to be your guardian spirit in the everyday world for the entire month.

WEST. Card number 2, Hawk. Hawk is the Western Union of the Medicine Cards– a messenger showing up at your door with an important telegram. Hawk always tells you to pay attention and listen to your intuition. So do pay attention. What is the messenger signaling to you? You can meditate about this, going deep inside yourself to make a visit with the hawk. Ask Hawk to tell you, show you, or somehow symbolize its message to you. If you get a clear answer, thank the hawk for sharing and act on the great bird’s advice. Take care of business.

NORTH. Card number 35, Frog, tells you to rub and scrub, clean up your body, mind, and spirit, not to mention pick up, tidy up any environment you are responsible for. Frog might be telling you to jump in and do some spring cleaning. Since Frog is in the north, in wisdom and intellect, you might want to rid yourself of objects or beliefs holding you down.

CENTER. Card number 31, Turkey. Turkey tells you to think about gifts and giving. Is there someone you need to remember with a gift–not necessarily a gift for an occasion but perhaps a simple gift from the heart such as a word of encouragement or a compliment you’ve been hesitant to make. Don’t be afraid. If you feel you must give something, give it. Remember firstly that life itself is a wondrous gift and one not to be taken for granted. Appreciate the gift of self and the gift of becoming. Turkey instructs that you have a unique gift and for you to give it. With Turkey, ask yourself what is your give-away? What is your service to others or your gift to the planet? Turkey is one of the most selfless of all animal medicines.