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David Carson 

David Carson is the co-author of Medicine Cards, The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals, the award winning book and card deck that helped establish the current study of animal power. Medicine Cards was published in 1988 and has never been out of print.  Over one million copies of Medicine Cards have sold internationally. Medicine Cards has been translated into twelve languages over the past 27 years and is published by St. Martin’s Press in New York.

David Carson was raised in Oklahoma, and learned animal ways and animal clans from his mother Opal, and his aunts, Agnes, Ruby, Phoebe, all members of the Choctaw tribe of Oklahoma.  These Native lessons informed his stories and knowledge of animals in Medicine Cards.  David moved to Paris in 1965 to steep in the literary influences of Hemingway and The Paris Review. He lived and wrote in Paris before moving to Montana to live on the Cheyenne and Crow reservations. While in Montana David studied with many legendary tribal elders such as Tom Yellowtail, John Stands In Timber, and Josie Limpy. From Montana David moved to Iowa City to study at the Writer’s Workshop.

After Iowa, David moved to LA to write for TV and film.  In 1988 David moved to New Mexico and met Jamie Sams. The two became quick friends and together wrote Medicine Cards in Taos, New Mexico. The book and card deck became a sensation and inspired hundreds of similar works about animal power. David, before his time, established www.medicinecards.com, and to this day will not reveal how much he paid for one of the industry’s first websites!

David has also worked with musicians like Robbie Robertson, and narrated the song, Let Us Dance, on composer/musician Jim Wilson’s album, Sacred Ground. The album won the Grammy Award is 2006 for Best Native American Music Album. David’s daughter, Greta Carson, wrote the words for Let Us Dance.

In 2004 David wrote a memoir based on his early life experiences entitled, Crossing Into Medicine Country, A Journey in Native American Healing published by Council Oaks Books.  The book is a Castaneda – like remembrance of the initiation to power.  David also co-authored 2013 Oracle, Ancient Keys to the 2012 Awakening. This book and card deck is a work based on Meso-American mythology and guidance for the millennium.

In 2010, Duncan Baird Publishing approached David to write another book about the application of animal wisdom to everyday life.  Find Your Spirit Animal was published in 2012 under Watkins Publishing in London.
David’s newest book, Spirit Clans, Native Wisdom for Personal Power and Guidance will be released in May 2018 by Hampton Roads Press. The book is a call to remembering who we truly are and is particularly relevant to self-understanding.

David Carson currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Jamie Sams – Jamie Sams writes about Native American spirituality. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  You can reach Jamie Sams at her website, Jamiesamsbooks.com

Angela Wernecke – Angela Wernecke is a designer and illustrator who sees her work as a way of healing and nurturing the Earth.